WINter Healthy Skin

WINter Healthy Skin

WINter Healthy Skin

By Kristine M. Seganti

Winning with your skin during the winter months can be challenging.  Our skin is constantly changing due to diet, weather, seasons, self-care and more.  Many of us, myself included, end up overusing products to remove dead skin cells, dullness and to smooth out texture and dryness, this does not always help our skin heal.  What we don’t realize is too much is just that, too much. Inadvertently we can cause unwanted blemishes, pigmentation, dryness or worse yet, skin trauma. Sometimes our skin just needs a break from “activity”.  This is when we need to focus on hydration and healing by using products that will help our skin repair itself safely.

Today I want to go over a few #DBHbeauty products that you can start using that will simplify your regimen, heal your skin and get you through these winter months without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

As a reminder, we always want to start off with a proper cleanse routine each morning and evening to remove impurities and to prepare our skin to fully utilize the benefits our products offer.  If you haven’t read up on double-cleansing, click this link to learn more.  Some of the best cleansers to use for skin repair are the Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Cleanser and Silk Milk Cleanser.  

Top Cleansers for Healthy Skin Recovery:

The Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil is a unique emulsifying blend of macadamia nut, jojoba, tocopherol, and squalene. During the winter it helps relieve any tenderness and tight/dry skin. Added plus, now I don’t get congestion or random breakouts from all that sunscreen! (cue clapping hands)

The Hydrating and Silk Milk cleansers both contain allantoin and panthenol. For an added boost in healing and great for sensitive skin, the Silk Milk Cleanser also contains aloe vera leaf extract.

Top Serum Combos for Healthy Skin Recovery:

These top Korean-American serums are specially formulated to heal and repair your skin at a safe rate, reducing the possibility of scarring and pigmentation and increasing healthy skin cell production.  

EGF Nano and Colorlite Corrective Serums will boost healthy cellular growth and turnover while the Colorlite Corrective Serum will reduce pigmentation due to UV damage.  This combo gives my skin firmness, even-toned brightening and hydration. I definitely get a lot of comments on my skin from this amazing combination with the plant-based epidermal growth factor, palmaria palmata,  arbutin, and licorice root.

DNA Matrix and Life Duo Mature Serums have a concentrated amount of glycosaminoglycans, trehalose and sodium hyaluronate.  These medical grade ingredients hydrate, protect and encourage your skin to function at healthy levels.  This allows your skin to replenish itself by reviving its natural cellular activity and aid in the creation of new healthy skin cells.  

Nourish B Intensive Moisture and NuStem Cell Culture Serums are FULL of nutrients and healthy cellular activity, hydration, and moisture!  Simple, repair and hydrate with plant-based nutrients. You can’t go wrong here for any type of skin recovery!

Of course, you can make any combo of serums that you like!  You can see more serums here and even complete a skin analysis to help you start your healthy skin journey!  I am a collector of fabulous serums that highly result oriented.  Need a recommendation? Contact me and I will get you set up and on the fast track to healthy skin!

Remember, skin health is skin recovery.  Love your skin and work with its ever-changing needs, not just during the winter storms.  When it gets tough, contact our headquarters to schedule a customized DBH professional treatment at our DICA Spa or locate a Certified DBH Professional for a customized treatment in your area.

Xo, Kristine


San Diego