• Why You Should be Double Cleansing

    Posted by Bold Support

    by Carissa St. Rose

    Based on my experience as a skin care professional, I understand a daily single cleanse can be a lot to ask for, so please don’t write me off because of my recommendation to double cleanse.


    If you’ve ever received a professional skin treatment, you’ll notice the Aesthetician does a two part cleanse to properly remove oil and debris (sweat, makeup, dirt, etc) from your face. The first cleanse is typically an oil-based cleanser, which is ideal for breaking down excess oil in the skin and gently removing makeup. The second cleanse is a cleanser best suited for your skin to address any concerns you may be faced with – i.e. brightening, antibacterial, calming, etc. This double cleanse ensures your skin is prepped for exfoliation and ingredient penetration via serums and masques.


    Double cleansing at home preps your skin in the same manner, as it ensures no debris is left behind to wreak havoc on your pretty face. Most women who wear makeup already incorporate that first cleanse method via makeup wipes, so replacing that with an oil based cleanser is a simple task. The oil-based cleanser is gentler to the skin than cosmetic wipes and also provides a more thorough makeup removal – a winning tradeoff in my opinion! You would then want to complete your cleansing routine with a nourishing cleanser containing ingredients that address your skin concerns.


    Dermaesthetics has an incredibly soothing and refreshing cleansing oil that not only removes makeup and excess oil from the skin, it smells delicious too. DBH also has a great range of cleansers to tackle your skin concerns and get you on your way to a healthier and more radiant complexion.




    To identify the perfect cleanser for your skin, simply click on the product image to learn more about it. Adding a simple step to your cleansing routine can make all the differnce in the health of your skin. You can also give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule your consultation with a DBH Aesthetician. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!







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  • Do you know how to maximize your skincare?

    Posted by Ample Cube Pvt Ltd Collaborator

    Step 1. Cleanser

    Removing daytime dirt, debris, makeup, oil, sweat and more is a must step one so your skin can breathe!  This is a day and night routine.  Don’t forget, at night our skin is repairing and pushing out toxins and waste out through our pores.    Be sure you’re using a cleanser made for your skin code, so you don’t cause damage to your barrier.

    Step 2. Toner

    DBH toners are specifically formulated for different skin types and concerns to deliver skin targeting results, moisture and anti-aging benefits.  Don’t be misled and skip the toner.  Creating the right base layer will allow products to penetrate deep into your skin, providing you optimal skin love results! #DBHbeauty


    Step 3. Serums


    Moving forward from thinner to thickest, it’s time to apply SERUMS!

    DBH serums are highly concentrated formulations of active ingredients designed to address specific concerns and conditions, such as, acne, aging, pigmentation, wrinkles, sensitive, dry, melasma and more.  Serum application is a crucial step to effectively see corrective results.  Multiple serums can be layered to address multiple skin concerns, delivering benefits deep into your skin layers! Make sure to allow each serum applied to fully absorb into your skin prior to applying additional products.  Certain serums can even be applied on your lower and upper eyelids.


    Step 4. Cream

    Hydrated and moisturized skin is essential to healthy skin!  It helps to create a strong barrier to keep nutrients in and pollutants out! Oily, acne, dry, sensitive or impaired skin ALL need to moisturize. Oily skin types may actually be dry.  When your skin senses it’s dry, it automatically will start producing excess oil/sebum.  This may actually cause additional skin concerns.  Moisturizing with the right self-care products will balance your skin and the amount of sebum that is produced.

    Step 5. Eye Care

    DBH eye gels and creams are specifically formulated with active ingredients to address the thinnest skin and most delicate area around the eyes, producing rapid results with concentrated products.  For the eyes, less is more. Simply apply a small grain size amount for each eye, tap in until fully absorbed.  Don’t skip, prevent the crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles throughout the year.


    Step 6. Advanced Protection SPF


    Don’t leave without applying your dose of EGF SPF 50 protection!  Yes, with DBH your skin gets the added bonus of Epidermal Growth Factor!  “Weather” cloudy, rainy, sun shinny, apply your SPF and protect yourself from UVAging.  Even if you are inside all day.  Did you know UVA rays can bounce off the ground and into windows?  Please don’t forget your neck and decolletage too!  You can mix your SPF with your moisturizer for quick application and coverage.  Added bonus, DBH tinted balm for even, light day or night coverage!



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  • Creating the Perfect Makeup Canvas

    Posted by Bold Support

    By Carissa St. Rose

    Unless you have a perfect complexion, makeup is the saving grace for minimizing appearance of the flaws keeping us up at night. In addition to being an Aesthetician, I’m also a professional Makeup Artist, so I’m constantly approached with inquiries on perfecting the complexion. It is not uncommon to rely on the “quick fix” makeup provides, but failing to protect the face from the products being applied. It is essential to prep with products that infuse nutrients under makeup to combat exacerbation of skin concerns. Prepping the skin can also aid in creating the perfect canvas to apply makeup on.


    Makeup application can be quite the challenge and unnecessarily frustrating when our skin refusing to cooperate. Maintaining a healthy daily regimen is the first step in a flawless makeup application, so if you don’t follow a routing yet, let us at DBH know so we can assist there. A healthy regimen and proper skin prep can aid in smoothing out texture, reducing inflammation, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and blurring out unevenness in the skin tone. A few extra steps will ensure makeup looks airbrushed and has some real staying power!


    To make your life easier, we’ve created a kit that will meet all your needs for proper skin prep. From Cleansing to blemish control, we’ve got you covered! The below products will complete the daily regimen of makeup lovers and have you on your way to a healthier complexion. Collagen Stemedic Serum will plump up fine lines and wrinkles, Caviar Eye Serum will prime and treat the eye area, Silky Base will smooth out complexion imperfections, EGF Blemish Balm will camouflage and heal breakouts, and Green Apple Cleansing Oil will ensure gentle makeup removal.

    To learn more about the Makeup Essentials Kit, simply click on the photo. These products are a staple for me whether I’m applying my own makeup, working on a movie set, glamming up brides, or touring with an artist. I also incorporate regular professional treatments to properly address clients’ skin concerns, so don’t skip the facials simply because you’re camouflaging your issues. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!




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  • Collagen for the Win

    Posted by Bold Support

    By Carissa St. Rose


    What’s with the hype around Collagen these days?! Well, collagen is a fibrous protein that makes up a third of the protein in our entire body, so it’s kind of a big deal, haha. In the dermis (middle layer of the skin) collagen helps create chains of proteins called peptides that promote skin elasticity and firmness. As we age, the integrity and amount of our collagen decreases, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and less supple skin.


    While you cannot produce more collagen, you can improve the health of what’s remaining in your skin. Healthy collagen promotes firm and supple skin, which ensures a more youthful appearance. There are also injectable options if you want that “quick fix”, but if you’re not prepared to explore that route, you can nourish your collagen via medical-grade skincare (cosmeceuticals). You’ll want to seek products containing “soluble collagen”, as this size of molecule ensures a reliable delivery method into the skin.



    The above products will ensure you have the makings of a solid anti-aging regimen - an eye cream to protect those pretty eyes, a serum for optimal ingredient penetration, and a creamy formula as a moisturizer. You can also apply any of these products on your lips for a plumping effect! Should you wish to learn more about the benefits of collagen in skin care, don’t hesitate to ask your facial guru. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!




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  • Tips & Tricks

    Posted by Kristine Seganti

    DBH Professional Treatments

    Taking it Up a Notch!

    by Kristine Seganti

    Many of you are already familiar with standard DBH professional treatments and protocols. The results are amazing and the return clientele even better!


    Today, we are going to share some simple steps that will help you increase treatment results with existing products and change the way your clients feel and look, bringing out confidence and bunches of smiles! We live for this stuff!


       Taking it Up a Notch!   The PowerLayer

    Clients have heard me say this many, many times…









    PowerLayering with any Level 1 + another Level 1 treatment will provide your client with a low Level 2 penetration and results. Now, if you have used the Level 1 Green Apple Fruit Peel, Pumpkin Peel, Beta10, Active Enzyme and/or Vitamin C Oxygen, you know that the strength, ingredients and results are different with each of them. Keeping that in mind, based on which Level 1 treatments you decide to PowerLayer with, you will change the depth of penetration and the results for your client. Additionally, which treatment you decide to layer last will be the lasting affect your client will see.

    Here are a few 1+1=2 examples to play with! (how to, below)

    1. 1+1=2 --> Pumpkin Peel + Green Apple Fruit Peel
    2. 1+1=2 --> Beta10 + Pumpkin Peel
    3. 1+1=2 --> Vitamin C Oxygen + Active Enzyme Base/Lacto
    4. 1+1=2 --> Pumpkin Peel + Vitamin C Oxygen
    5. 1+1=2 -->  Active Enzyme Base/Lacto + Beta10
    6. 1+1=2 --> Active Enzyme Base/Lacto + Pumpkin
    7. 1+1=2 -->  Combinations are endless!



    Start by following the standard protocol you received with your DBH Level 1 treatment. At the point the protocol has you apply the peel is where we will mix it up a bit!


    In example #1 above, (Pumpkin Peel + Green Apple Fruit Peel), you will first apply the Pumpkin Peel Treatment. Leave on for 3-10 minutes based upon client communication and skin analysis. Remember, you still have part two of the treatment! Thoroughly and gently remove the Pumpkin Peel with cool water and cotton squares or sponges. Be gentle. You can now apply part two, the Green Apple Fruit Peel. Again, leave-on time will vary 3-10 minutes based upon the strength and tolerability of the clients’ skin. Thoroughly remove with cool water and cotton squares or sponges. Proceed with the remaining steps in the DBH protocol.


    The end result, the client not only received a Level 2 deep exfoliation and resurfacing, but the deep penetrating benefits of the Pumpkin Peel. Releasing toxins, congestion, and providing a smoother texture and hydration to the skin! Visually, due to the Green Apple Fruit Peel being applied last, the client will see Brightness, reduced redness and inflammation, and taut glowing skin! YES!!



    PowerLayering with any Level 1 + Level 2 treatment will provide your client with a low Level 3 penetration and results. Remember, the strength, ingredients and results are different with each Level 1 and Level 2. Base your PowerLayer treatment selections to suit the results you are aiming to achieve for your client. Same as the 1+1=, which treatment you decide to layer last will be the lasting affect your client will see.


    Here are a few 2+1=3 examples

    1. 2+1=3 --> Pumpkin Peel + Ageless
    2. 2+1=3 --> Beta10 + Cherry Alpha
    3. 2+1=3 --> Active Enzyme Base/Lacto + Purification Peel
    4. 2+1=3 --> Green Apple Fruit Peel + SLG
    5. 2+1=3 --> Lactic 20 + Cherry Alpha
    6. 2+1=3 --> endless, based on your clients needs and your expert analysis!


    The amount of time that you will leave the treatment on your clients’ skin will vary with “each” client based on sensitivity, warming, redness, etc. and based on the health and strength of their skin, you can determine and adjust the timing for each treatment as needed.


    The combinations and enjoyment are endless and up to you, based on your skin analysis before and during the treatment.


    Remember, always monitor your clients skin reaction and keep up the communication on sensitivity. Each client will be different, EACH time for EACH treatment.


    PowerLayering, safely, will keep you and your client active in the treatments and results. A power punch of exfoliation and penetration of nutrients. Results, Results, Results!!!


    CAUTIONS: Always start with a Level 1 treatment and progress to a PowerLayer of Level 1 + Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 2 + Level 1. It is a well planned esthetician to ensure proper skin repair between deep exfoliations and peels with Hydration Treatments.


    Keep an eye out for our SkinSocial Newsletter and Hydration Treatment product review, coming soon! If you have yet to take the SkinSocial Survey, you can do that here!


    Remind your clients, regular visits to you as a Professional DBH Certified Aesthetician for full care will boost overall results and further the outcome to a Healthy Skin – Healthy You! Contact us for assistance on any Self Care prescriptions for your clients. We are always available to you!


    xo, K !

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