• Allll of the EGFs (Part I)

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    By Carissa St. Jones

    Tis the season of pool parties, outdoor activities, and beach days – yay! Sunshine will most likely be the center of these events, so protecting and repairing your skin is essential. There are a number of advanced skincare products to prep and treat your skin, post-sun exposure, so you’ll want to enhance your skincare arsenal for that added protection. There is no better way to treat your face to some extra love than boosting your regimen with alllll of the Epidermal Growth Factors, AKA, EGFs.


    Epidermal Growth Factor is a polypeptide consisting of up to 53 amino acids. Amino Acids are building blocks of proteins. Those proteins are called peptides, which means an EGF contains multiple chains of amino acids/peptides. The benefits of skincare products containing EGFs, is stimulation of skin growth at the cellular level with increased collagen and elastin production


    Skincare products containing Epidermal Growth Factors provide optimal healing qualities, as they were originally developed to treat burn wounds. Anytime your skins health is compromised, layer on the EGFs and watch the magic happen! To simplify your summer regimen, we’ve created a kit with some of our favorite products to protect and repair that sun-loving face.


    Evenly Bronzed Summer Kit

    • Natural Jojoba Cleansing Bead Scrub6oz  > Naturally dissolving jojoba oil beads exfoliate skin removing excess oil, dirt, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, and build up during the day. Gently sloughs away flakiness, and aids in repairing and moisture control.

    • Perfect Skin Wash6oz  > A  MUST HAVE made with Natural Extracts for a pure wash.  Boosted with natural antioxidants of Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, and Grapefruit 

    • EGFUV Shield 2oz  > Effective sunblock PowerBlended with sh-oligopeptide (EGF) to aid in the skin’s cellular regeneration while providing broad spectrum protection of SPF 50 and PA+++. Titanium Dioxide, Alkyl Benzoate, EGF.

    • EGF Cream1oz  > Aids in cellular regeneration for Collagen and Elastin restoration. A PowerBlend of sh-Oligopeptide 1, peptides, and amino acids, NEW GROWTH AND REPAIRED DAMAGE!


    In addition to the above kit, we will discuss the remainder of our EGF products in our next blog. The key to maintaining healthy skin while enjoying your summer is to truly focus on protecting and repairing that pretty face. You’ll also want to ensure you’re staying on course with your Aesthetician, as you can obtain more information on what an Epidermal Growth Factor can do for your skin. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!




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    Posted by Kristine Seganti



    The perfect brows are a must for Summer Fun! No fuss, No worry with splish-splash of water at the beach or the pool! This is the perfect time to spring off the board and book that microblading appointment.

    We know referrals and discounts!



    Hydrated skin can come in a simple 1-2-3. Try the combination of Phospholipid Cream and Aroma Circular Essential Oil nightly. You will smell delicious and look/feel amazing!



    Use the natural summer ready fruits to treat your skin to healthy! No ashy skin, No bumpy ingrown hairs, Yes to firm, vibrant and dewy! This is an amazing ALL over body, face and hands treatment, don’t forget the feet too! The Active Enzyme Base and Lacto Enzyme Activator will surely get you in the sun shinny mood!



    Polarized sunglasses are a must! These special lenses are coated with protection that reduce the harmful effects of UV rays that cause brown spots on the whites of your eyes! Safety is beauty!! Further protect with antioxidants to fight premature aging and free radicals, making your eyes more “enticing”!



    Keep skin healthy and ready for the Summer Sun Rays! This is daily anti-aging protection at its best with EGF UV Shield! Not only an spf 50, also contains Epidermal Growth Factor to assist in healthy skin cell renewal. Don’t leave home without it and don’t forget the over-exposed areas of the body like your neck, chest, hands and feet! The beach isn’t the only place you need to fight the aging effects of the sun, use daily! A quick and easy tint for us ladies that enjoy even-tone and coverage, the EGF Blemish Balm, not just for blemish prone skin, but for ALL! This little jewel goes a long way and can achieve a natural look or a date night sexy coverage!



    24 hours a day and 7 days a week, day and night. This will be your partner in the City, on the slopes, hitting the waves or going on that nature hike! The DX MicroMister permeates make-up, reaching deep within the epidermis for hydration, firmness, anti-oxidant and anti-aging! Beauty in the palm of your hand!                 



    Throw this one in the bag for memorable summer nights and days! Men and women need this intense hydration for BOTH eyes and lips! YES, a 2-in-1 that lasts all day long. The Perfect Skin Eye Hydration Gel is packed full of soluble collagen and elastin. Increase firmness, while hydrating and calming with aloe vera.



    Here is the topper to win the fight against milia and free radicals affecting the under eyes. The Caviar Eye Repair Gel protects, brightens, hydrates and smoothes out this delicate skin! for antioxidant. With the use of caviar, chamomile, rose hips, and Ginko Biloba, skin health will be optimal and damaged cells will be repaired!



    Last but not least, you can never forget the benefits of meeting with your Professional DBH Aesthetician! Ask for the Luminous Glow Treatment with Green Apple Fruit. This safe summer time treatment contains malic, lactic and azealic. Tighten and rejuvenate the skin for an everyday youthful glow! Contact our office for a referral near you!


    Try out some of our Summer Kits for SEXY SKIN with SAFETY IN THE SUN!




    Remember, Healthy Skin, Healthy You!

    For skin care analysis, visit dermaestheticsusa.com OR pro.dermaestheticsusa.com. You can also contact our office at # or info@dermaestheticsusa.com and request to speak with one of our Educators!



    XO, K   :)






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    Posted by Kristine Seganti

    By Kristine Seganti


    PICTURED ABOVE: Extreme dryness and skin damage due to consistent washing throughout the day.  Client received a DBH hand/half arm treatment.


    Did you know that the skin on the palms of your hands and bottom of your feet have the thickest skin on your entire body? The ridges on your hands and feet (fingerprints/footprints) help us grab onto objects and allow us to do more without damaging our true skin, the dermis. Compromising the health of the skin on our hands and feet can stop us from completing simple daily tasks due to sensitivity, cracks and pain.  Unknowingly, we cause daily stress to our hands that may result in temporary or permanent damage.  Irritated, raw, cracks that go deep into the dermis of our skin can be due to many things.    

    • Overexposure and/or repeated exposure to chemicals/cleaning products/bleach...
    • Over-washing of hands
    • Taking hot showers
    • Dehydration
    • Continuous use of anti-bacterials that are high in alcohol content
    • Lack of lipids
    • etcetera...

    Microscopic cracks in the skin cause Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), allowing nutrients and moisture that normally stay within the skin to escape!  The direct results of TEWL are cracks, peeling and bleeding - overall pain.


    If you have dry, peeling hands that are sensitive, irritated, cracking, and even bleeding...

    1. Wear gloves while dusting, washing dishes, gardening, washing the car and especially while using household cleaners that contain chemicals!
    2. Use a gentle moisturizing hand wash. If extremely sensitive, use no fragrance/no dyes. 
    3. Moisturizer your hands throughout the day with hand moisturizer, not body lotion
    4. Avoid antibacterial wipes/gels with alcohol, although they are used to reduce bacteria, they are often too strong
    5. At night add a bit of Vitamin E to your hand moisturizer before bed

      Hydration and a strong skin barrier protect our entire body!  Proper attention and care to your skin will differ based upon the source causing the damage.


    DBH Hand Treatment Products


    Click each link above to learn more about each product!



    Aloe Response Mask and hand cream



    Remember, Healthy Skin, Healthy You!

    xo, K


    For skin care analysis, visit dermaestheticsusa.com OR pro.dermaestheticsusa.com. You can also contact our office at # or info@dermaestheticsusa.com and request to speak with one of our Educators!



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  • Facing the Facts on S K I N

    Posted by Kristine Seganti

    Facing the Facts on S K I N

    By Kristine Seganti


    As Aestheticians and Skincare Therapists, we concentrate heavily on facial skin care, often forgetting about the rest of our body. 

    Areas of the body that we tend to ignore are the neck, chest, hands, arms and feet. Really, all of those lovely sun-exposed areas that don’t receive as much care and attention as our smooth shinny faces! If we are so determined to slow down the aging process of our face, should we really be ignoring the fact that our skin on our body is aging too?

    New skin cells are constantly generating all over our body, pushing up older more fragile, dry skin cells to the surface. In fact, we shed over 30,000 dead skin cells every hour!  The build up of these dead skin cells can cause excess production of sebum resulting in acne, congestion and oily skin, not to mention lines, wrinkles and in some areas odor! Proper exfoliating of the body is vital in combating these issues.  It can also help with ingrown hairs from shaving or a close trim along the hair line!

    Tell me we shouldn’t be exfoliating daily? I can’t imagine if I didn’t!  Even more shocking is to know that as we age, our cell turnover slows and dead skin cells gather unevenly, creating dry skin, patches, uneven skin tone and fines lines.

    With proper and regular exfoliation, we can remove these surface dead skin cells and reveal younger, fresher skin. These new cells will make skin brighter and more even.  Added plus, facial products and body moisturizer will absorb faster, thoroughly and products will last longer!

    MEN produce more oils and have larger pores. Paying special attention to exfoliation requirements of the body is an added plus! 

    Take the washcloth test for 1 week and see the difference!

    Starting from head to toe!

    FACE: Use the soft side of a washcloth gently in a circular motion. Cover all areas of your forehead, cheeks, chin, and around your ears and neck.


    BODY upper: Chest, shoulders, arms and special attention to your elbows and the back of your hands, this is an area that age truly shows!

    TIP: Purify Glycolic Cleanser is a great addition to boost exfoliation & increase production of collagen & elastin! 

    BODY middle: Full chest, belly, back and grab a moment on those underarms! Discoloration of your underarms is caused by constant friction along with the use of deodorants and antiperspirant build-up.

    TIP: Colorlite Plus Gel contains a power punch of Arbutin & Palmaria Palmata. Brightening and lightening your skin!

    Apply a small amount to darkened areas on thoroughly cleansed/exfoliated skin nightly for 2-3 weeks and start to see the brightening and lightening in full effect.

    Take a picture of your before and after #DBHskincare

    BODY lower: Please don’t leave out the thighs, calves, feet and toes!  These parts deserve it, they put a lot of work into your day and are exposed to the UV rays, sunscreen, dirt, dust and debris from daily life.  They need a good cleanse and exfoliation too!  Don’t forget, this may not be your face, but you still need to be gentle.  Being too rough or not using the proper skincare products can cause superficial and microscopic scratches and scrapes on the skin.  This causes a barrier impairment and weakens the strength of your skin.  You may not see it, but trust me, your skin is going to feel it and the older we get, the longer repair time takes.

    Proper, gentle and consistent exfoliation will provide a clear path for nutrients, moisturizer and protection to be applied and absorbed. Not to mention you don’t want to be wasteful of the skincare product you purchase!

    TIP: Keep hydrated and moisturized after your daily exfoliation. I suggest a tablespoon of Phospholipid Cream mixed with your favorite DBH Aroma Oil


    Need a cellulite and detox boost? Get to the Detox Gel and benefit from the Raw Caffeine for a more hydrated and firm skin!

    In addition to its stand alone efficacy, this Detox Gel is heavily utilized for IPL, LED, and various modality applications. As an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and firming catalyst, the Detoxification Gel through its thermal formula can be utilized with massage, anti-aging LED therapy, or as a stimulating masque to enhance the effects of a professional treatment. Bitter Orange, Rosemary, and Algae extracts work together to firm and repair damage, as Coffee Seed Oil draws out impurities and reduces edema for a revitalized and lifted appearance.

    TIP: share the wealth and apply extra serums from your face to the back of hands and forearms

     We tend and care so much for our facial skin, don’t forget to provide the same care to the rest of your body! A dedicated 5 minutes each day can take years off aging and help you maintain a more youthful appearance.  Remember, your regular visits to your DBH Certified Aesthetician for full care will also boost results and further the outcome to a Healthy Skin – Healthy You!

    Xo! K

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  • Youth Stealers

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    Youth Stealers

    By Carissa St. Rose 

    One of my greatest pleasures is exploring the outdoors and connecting with nature. While it brings the adventurer in me peace, it also causes a slight level of anxiety in the Aesthetician in me. What’s the cause of this anxiety, you say? Two words – free radicals, aka youth stealers!

    Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage cells, and in attempt to regain stability, they create a chain reaction of “stealing” electrons from other molecules. This process causes oxidation, which induces damage to the cell’s DNA. Over time, this causes aging and disease. Environmental causes include air pollutants, UV rays from the sun, and ozone depletion.

    To combat free radicals, you must maintain a diet and skincare regimen high in antioxidants. Antioxidants have the ability to intercept the destructive chain reaction of free radicals, which in turn, limits damage caused to the body. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are berries, beans, pecans, apples, plums, cherries, and dark chocolate. Antioxidants found in skincare products include vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed, resveratrol, lycopene, green tea, niacinamide, and coffee berry. Below are some of my favorite products designed to fight those youth stealers!



    C-Lester Topical Vitamin C Serum

    Antioxidant Vitamin C stimulates natural collagen synthesis to restore suppleness and prevents premature aging. Powerful antioxidant Calming Green Tea extracts soothe inflamed skin and reduce irritation during the resurfacing process.




    Nourish B Instensive Moisture Serum

    Vitamin E is used to moisturize while Vitamin C is applied to eliminate free radicals and pigmentation. Fructose Concentrate, Allantoin and Olive Oil are used to capture and lock in moisture while calming and neutralizing toxins.

    Vitamin A&E Moisture Cream

    Vitamin A & E replenish the skin by giving the essential building blocks for healthy moisturized skin. Shea Butter combats freed radicals and ensures antiseptic application of Sunflower Oil and Allantoin. Both these giving the skin nourishment and strengthening the bonds of cells and cellular regeneration.

    In addition to exercising a healthy diet and skincare regimen high in antioxidants, you must also be mindful of limiting your intake of alcohol, tobacco, and processed foods, as those create the perfect environment for free radicals to thrive and promote premature aging and disease. Maintaining consistent visits to your aesthetician are also crucial in your journey of fighting those youth stealers, so don’t skip those professional treatments. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!






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