What is a gommage? – Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills

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Gommage comes from the French word “ Erase”,  And t Is exactly what dermaesthetics see Herb gommage does for your skin. Our unique blend of nutrients such as seaweed and shea butter combined with Lactic Acid help to “ erase” not only dead skin cells but also the effects of free radical damage.

Dermaesthetics Sea Herb gommage is a light creamy texture and is applied to the skin in a thin layer. Once it's applied evenly let dry for a few moments. Now it’s time to get to work to gently “erase” what is no longer wanted. This is done by gently moving your fingers is a circular motion,  creating light friction. Watch as the dead skin literally rolls off unveiling smooth moisturized skin!

Dermaesthetics Sea Herb Gommage is a great way to instantly polish the skin remove debris and toxins. It can be used on all skin types during any season. So let's get started on a New Year by “erasing” all the unwanted stuff that last year left behind.


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