Why You Should be Double Cleansing

by Carissa St. Rose

Based on my experience as a skin care professional, I understand a daily single cleanse can be a lot to ask for, so please don’t write me off because of my recommendation to double cleanse.


If you’ve ever received a professional skin treatment, you’ll notice the Aesthetician does a two part cleanse to properly remove oil and debris (sweat, makeup, dirt, etc) from your face. The first cleanse is typically an oil-based cleanser, which is ideal for breaking down excess oil in the skin and gently removing makeup. The second cleanse is a cleanser best suited for your skin to address any concerns you may be faced with – i.e. brightening, antibacterial, calming, etc. This double cleanse ensures your skin is prepped for exfoliation and ingredient penetration via serums and masques.


Double cleansing at home preps your skin in the same manner, as it ensures no debris is left behind to wreak havoc on your pretty face. Most women who wear makeup already incorporate that first cleanse method via makeup wipes, so replacing that with an oil based cleanser is a simple task. The oil-based cleanser is gentler to the skin than cosmetic wipes and also provides a more thorough makeup removal – a winning tradeoff in my opinion! You would then want to complete your cleansing routine with a nourishing cleanser containing ingredients that address your skin concerns.


Dermaesthetics has an incredibly soothing and refreshing cleansing oil that not only removes makeup and excess oil from the skin, it smells delicious too. DBH also has a great range of cleansers to tackle your skin concerns and get you on your way to a healthier and more radiant complexion.




To identify the perfect cleanser for your skin, simply click on the product image to learn more about it. Adding a simple step to your cleansing routine can make all the differnce in the health of your skin. You can also give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule your consultation with a DBH Aesthetician. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!