Is It Ok For A Chemical Peel To Bubble?

Is It Ok For A Chemical Peel To Bubble?

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 Yes, if perfluorodecalin is added to the mix. We are proud to be the first to announce that Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills has created a mind-blowing new treatment that they call the Champagne Peel with Oxy-Recovery Activator. This is a chemical peel with a spray-on mist that bubbles!

The Beauty Isn’t In The Peel – It’s In The Sizzle

This treatment starts off as a truly effecitve, high-quality triple acid peel but then Dermaesthetics takes it to a whole new level by adding in a little sizzle in the form of their Oxy-Recovery Activator!

“My freshman year marketing professor had the best line that I’d ever heard. She said, ‘Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.’” Barry

Well, in this case, Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills isn’t just giving you a peel. The true beauty in this treatment comes from the sizzle and the sizzle comes from a unique ingredient that creates an environment on the skin that boosts the recovery and subsequently the efficacy of the initial peel.

What’s In The Peel

This peel is a combination of 3 acids – Tranexamic, Mandelic, and Glycolic – but – it also includes some other ingredients with fabulous skin benefits. The Champagne Peel also includes fruit and plant extracts that provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and helps to hydrate, brighten, tone, and exfoliate the skin. There is also Arginine, an essential amino acid that increases antimicrobial peptide production to provide antioxidant benefits that prevent skin damage, promote hydration, and improve skin elasticity.

What’s In The Sizzle

The Oxy Recovery Activator works to activate the rapid delivery of nutrients and provides a refreshing and soothing bubbling experience that is unlike other spa treatments.

The bubbling experience is where the magic happens and it’s the sizzle we’re focusing on! This the epic part of the treatment – you’ll want to pass it down to your grandchildren like a family legacy story!

This step incorporates the O2 Mist Pro device that is designed to provide professional estheticians with a tool that precisely distributes the active ingredients (the sizzle) in the Champagne Peel Treatment evenly and consistently, leading to better absorption and results for clients. It helps prevent contamination and bacteria spread by eliminating the need for fingers and brushes to be used directly with products.

Perfluorodecalin Is The Sizzle That Activates Recovery

I asked Lincoln Lee of Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills to break down how Perfluorodecalin activates recovery for me, here’s what he said, “The perfluorodecalin is released and thus it shows itself by bubbling. By doing so, it helps to create oxygenation and deliver nutrients by attaching to the O2 molecules.”

The combination of ingredients in the Champagne Peel and the Oxy-Recovery Activator are triggered by the release of perfluorodecalin which aims at utilizing the Bohr’s Effect (NCBI Bohr’s Effect) resulting in a physical bubbling effect. By undergoing this process directly on the skin, the Champagne peel helps to infuse O2 (oxygen) as well as deliver nutrients by attaching to the O2 molecules.”

Essentially, Perflouradecalin helps carry and deliver oxygen to the skin to neutralize and provide moisture to the skin, triggering the infusion of the acids and other active ingredients of the treatment into the deeper layers of the skin.

Perfluorodecalin causes the skin to pull blood to the skin’s surface which then brings more oxygen to the skin surface. This increased blood flow can even bring a slight pink color to the skin. This increased flow is key to the enhanced absorption rate of the treatment products and improved recovery!

Jenni’s Review of Champagne Peel w Oxy-Recovery Activator
“What a sensory experience! This facial starts with the fresh and clean aromas of the Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil and the Pre-Peel Cleanser. After applying the slightly spicy GA Prep Exfoliator, the fun was just getting started!

The Champagne Peel is applied, and once the Oxy-Recovery hits the skin – it is an experience like no other! A little bit of heat, and a quick sensation that I can only explain as fizzing – that subsides quickly because the O2 Mist Pro is constantly moving around the face. The reaction takes place and immediately subsides.

My skin was left hydrated and glowing! I loved the timing of this treatment – in under 30 minutes we were finished. This would be an ideal treatment for someone with little time to spare but high expectations!”

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