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Hyperpigmentation has been an issue for many people throughout the years. This issue can find itself on your face and body and can cause insecurity and embarrassment. Traditionally through clinical approaches, many practitioners have either bleached the skin with hydroquinone or have peeled the skin to exfoliate off the darker epidermal layers to lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation. More recently, many people have turned to lasers and IPLS to assist. All these may be able to help some people however this symptom-based approach of superficially trying to remove without understanding the causes of the type of hyperpigmentation that is incurred will ultimately lead to unsatisfied clients and more post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or will often compromise the client’s skin in the future causing irreparable damage such as hypopigmentation.

The Face and Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction Treatment by Dermaesthetics is a Paradigm Shift in Addressing Hyperpigmentation.

Addressing the Real Challenges

The Dermaesthetics’ Face and Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction Treatment offers a comprehensive solution that deviates from the typical skin lightening or bleaching methods a lot of professionals have become accustomed to. A more holistic approach combined with polypeptides to trigger cellular function and enable a superior inflammatory response and recovery allows professionals to safely and effectively identify, diagnose, and address the appearance of various types of hyperpigmentation. Whether it’s the darkening of intimate areas, age spots, melasma, or discoloration resulting from acne, this treatment offers unparalleled efficacy in its results because of its approach with the combination of Eastern and Western medicine.

More Than Just a Treatment

Professionals often grapple with the challenges of hyperpigmentation, from finding genuine treatments to ensuring proper post-treatment care. Moving away from the widely-used harsh, inflammation-inducing methods, Dermaesthetics’ solution prioritizes the skin’s health, targeting hyperpigmentation with clinically proven ingredients and the best of science in skincare.

Using Ingredients that Make a Difference

This treatment offers a multifaceted approach to combat the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Polypeptides and lipid-soluble antioxidants penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to inhibit melanin production, promoting an even skin tone. In tandem, natural plant extracts offer both inhibitory effects against melanin-producing tyrosinase and anti-inflammatory properties, addressing the root causes of pigmentary changes. Skin-surface exfoliants expedite cell turnover, shedding pigmented cells and revealing a fresher complexion, while the deeper-penetrating components aid in inhibiting the melanogenesis process from tyrosine to dopa to dopaquinone to melanin formation and mitigate post-inflammatory pigmentation. Collectively, this treatment provides a holistic strategy to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation from multiple angles.

Target, Teach, and Transform

Clients who experience the benefits of this unique treatment not only witness a noticeable transformation to a lighter, radiant complexion but also relish in the reduced appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone and walk away with a heightened sense of self-confidence. This is backed by the expertise of trained professionals who adapt the Face and Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction Treatment to individual skin types, ensuring that everyone receives care tailored to their unique needs. Personalization is at the heart of this treatment, emphasizing that skin care is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

A Deeper Understanding For Lasting Benefits

But it’s not just about treating; it’s about understanding. It’s for professionals who wish to promote the immense benefits and features of effective treatments. Estheticians and skincare enthusiasts understand the challenges their clients face – the frustration stemming from persistent hyperpigmentation, the inundation of generic treatments that offer fleeting results, and the apprehension towards treatments that may inflame or damage the skin. Addressing these pain points is at the core of the Face and Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction Treatment.

Elevating The Treatment Experience

This treatment was born out of a strong desire to provide a solution that not only treats but will educate. Dermaesthetics offers a certification course to become professionally certified in providing te Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction Treatment to clients. They teach advanced diagnostic skills, providing a deeper understanding of various pigmentation issues and also emphasize all-encompassing client care. This includes comprehensive guidelines on contraindications, post-treatment procedures, and essential home care tips to enable professionals to tailor treatments for each client. Professionals can elevate their businesses with a fresh, client-centered treatment option that is industry-leading in treating the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Stand out as an esthetician and offer a scientifically-backed, holistic solution for addressing intimate and body skin discoloration. Our Quality, Your Confidence.™


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