By Carissa St. Rose

While tackling fitness goals, one typically relies on a personal trainer, daily workouts, and a well balanced diet, right?! The same philosophy applies when getting your skin into shape. What’s great about face training is you are truly given the tools to succeed. Consider your aesthetician a private trainer for your face. Their capacity to perform a thorough skin analysis allows for the optimal treatment plan and regimen to be established. No different than what a fitness expert can do for your body!

Customized treatment plans, self-care regimens, and lifestyle shifts will truly transform your complexion. Healing and repairing your skin from the inside is equally as important as topical methods, so plan on increasing water intake, decreasing alcohol consumption, refraining from smoking (or being exposed to it), and monitoring your diet to eliminate foods that exacerbate your skin concerns. 

What does a customized treatment plan look like? Typically, it would include 6 advanced exfoliating/resurfacing treatments, 2 weeks apart, to address your skin concern quickly. This promotes cellular turnover, which speeds up the natural cycle to unveil healthy, youthful skin cells that improve your overall complexion. You can also expect a self-care regimen to include 3 – 6 products for daily use to maintain and supplement those treatments. Your diet and lifestyle should also be addressed to ensure a holistic approach is observed for optimal results.




To improve the efficacy of your prescribed treatments, a healthy self-care regimen will be required. This will provide lasting results and treat your skin concerns between appointments with your DBH Aesthetician.


Commit to treating your skin and fitness goals as equals for visible results within a digestible timeframe. Your DBH Aesthetician can create the perfect treatment plan and regimen to breathe new life into your skin, so schedule that clinical facial today! Remember, great sin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!




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