Thank you, Health Heroes!

I am sure you have heard about the shortages of basic health supplies for hospitals and health clinics. There has been a lot of shortages of face masks, gloves, and even hand sanitizer. In order to help out our community, Dermaesthetics recently formulated a pharmaceutical-grade hand sanitizer that we put out on the market a few weeks ago. Then in order to help the #community, even more, we donated gallons of hand sanitizer to many hospitals in order to continue support in the best way we could. This action was met with overwhelming excitement by the hospitals that we were able to donate to. One of the teams even emailed Dermaesthetics and said, “Thank you for having it sent out to us so quickly! We really appreciate your help and what you guys are doing to help everyone during this crucial time!” We were founded on wanting to help our community through helping with their skincare needs and this value still applies. 

We are all in this fight. There is not one person on earth right now that has not been affected one way or another. This virus will not break us down. Let’s do our part and fight this together!  I am certain that it will actually make us stronger in the days to come. 


Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula 

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