Steps to a Healthy Skin Care

Steps to a Healthy Skin Care

Hello everyone! With being home for a while due to the virus that is going around, I decided to try out a new daily skincare regime. It is almost like having a spa at home!

Step 1: Cleanser

The first step to a great skin regime is the cleanser you use. A great cleanser allows for the rest of the products to truly penetrate into your skin. A fan favorite cleanser is DBH’s Perfect Skin Wash. It perfectly hydrates, cleanses, and calms the skin allowing you to ease into the tranquil state of mind. It is recommended to leave your cleanser on your face for at least 30 seconds after you gently massage it into your skin, but 1-2 minutes is truly ideal.  

Step 2: Toner

The second step is your toner. This beautiful thing is a quick and absorbent liquid that helps take off excess dirt and grime off your face that your cleanser has not completely taken off. O2 Hyrda Mist is highly recommended and is a superb antioxidant and moisturizing toner. This toner is especially great because it is formulated to create a protective barrier between your skin and pollution, stress, chemical exposure, etc. 

Step 3: Serum

Depending on your skin, you may want to get a serum to protect your skin. Another fan favorite serum is the DNA Matrix Serum. Packed with proteins and amino acids to help maintain healthy skin cells!  Serums may not be for everyone but they are definitely a great thing to add to your daily regimen! 

Step 4: Moisturizer

A great moisturizer truly helps your skin retain its necessary moisture. It makes your skin happy and in turn, makes you happy. The best moisturizers make sure to keep your skin joyful and hydrated all day long. Dermaesthetics’ Advanced Collagen Cream is great at doing just that! It is formulated to moisturize, protect, and heal your skin as the day goes on, all the while preventing moisture from leaving your skin cells! Vitamin AE cream is packed with Vitamin A and E for those who need extra love and care!  I truly think it would make an amazing addition to your regimen!

The above steps are great to do both morning and night every day. You can even add a few slices of cucumber in there every so often to make things special!

Step 5: Sunscreen

A facial sunscreen is great for a piece to add to your morning regime. It acts as a barrier to the sun’s UV rays that cause skin damage. Even if it is cloudy outside experts say that you should still wear sunscreen. EGF UV Shield SPF PA++ Sunscreen would make a great addition. It protects your skin with an SPF of 50 and it also helps with cell metabolism. 

Of course, if you do not have all of these products right now, you can always slowly ease your way in. My recommendation is to start by buying yourself a facial cleanser and to go from there. 

Always make sure to take care of yourself mentally and physically. 

Until next time, stay radiant and treat yourself!


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