You Donate, We Donate! #fight-together

You Donate, We Donate! #fight-together

You Donate,  We Donate Program 

I am sure you have seen the news. The CDC is trying to do everything they can to help prevent this outbreak. Yet there has also been talk of shortages in hospitals of much-needed supplies. That is why many hospitals are asking for donations. This is also why Dermaesthetics has been donating to many hospitals because of your help as our patrons. Some of the hospitals that have received such help are St Joseph in Pasadena, Cedars Sinai, St Jude, Hoag of Newport Beach, and High Desert Hospice Care. Dermaesthetics truly thank the community for your help. 

For a limited time, Dermaesthetics has started a program in order to further help out. For each hand sanitizer, someone donates to a hospital, we will match it with one more. For example, if Annie bought 100 bottles of hand sanitizers from us to donate to FV hospital, we will send them 200 bottles. 

We are extremely grateful for the work and strength of the hospital staff as they put themselves out there. We also want to extend a huge thank you to those who have helped us donate to hospitals as well as to those who will because, without you, we would not be able to continue to help. For more information on how to donate today please contact us at  

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