Not the Basic Man

Not the Basic Man

According to research, skincare for men is becoming more of a demand. Ranging in age from early teens to 60’s and 70’s; Long gone is the gritty man that simply splashes water on his face, shaves and heads out the door. Men have now learned that it takes regular self care skin care to delay the signs of aging due to excessive pollution, lifestyle, and prolonged exposure to the sun. In my house we have section for HIS & HERS self care skin care and he LOVES IT! It doesn’t hurt that he gets daily complement from men and women!


Q U I C K   F A C T S

M E N,

produce more oils than women

have larger pores than women

skin is approximately 25% thicker than women

can cause irritation and ingrown hairs from shaving

also experience ingrown hairs on neck

may experience acne well into 30s-40’s




MUST have for MEN.

Here are some simple, yet dynamic skin steps for skin results.


(remove dirt/debris)

A good cleanse will help slough off dead skin cells, reducing fine lines and dullness and give you a revived and youthful looking skin.





Scrubbing away even more dead skin cells, reducing whiteheads, blackheads, rough texture and large pores. Leaving room for well needed nutrients to penetrate your skin.




A serious must for the man that wants to maintain a youthful and masculine appearance. Power punched with nutrients and anti-aging benefits. Vitamin A reduces fine lines, Vitamin B is moisturizing and Vitamin C brightens and fights off free radicals. The perfect solution to deliver a healthy complexion. Good for sensitive skin too!




Men naturally produce more oil than women. Use a light, non-oily, non-comedogenic moisturizer. Soothes even sensitive skin and includes aloe vera to calm and hydrate skin. As we age, our skin and its needs naturally change. Some men may experience more dryness with age, in which case I suggest Advanced Collagen Formula for daily or nightly use. Boosting collagen keeps you younger looking longer. Great for the eye area as well since it contains soluble collagen.



(sun spots/aging defense)




A serious must have for all skin, boosts collagen and elastin restoration, plus an effective 50spf sunblock providing broad spectrum protection. Blocking out those aging sun rays and pigmentation is a biggie when combating the signs of aging!



(pore reducing)



Men and masks are the biggest game changer for our masculine heroes. No large and dirty pores here! Uses a deep penetrating mask with zinc oxide and sulfur will absorb excess oil and sterilizes pores. Eucalyptus extract, a big favorite of men, smells amazing and reduces irritations from shaving or overexposure to environmental pollutants. It even creates a protective antiseptic barrier! BOOM!


All in all, men want to keep a youthful appearance and stay young and vibrant for life! Skin care for men is just as important, if not more important then women. Some men I have met know even more than women about self care skin care.

Remember, keep It simple and use the best professional products available. You will love your skin care and your skin for years to come! Healthy Skin, Healthy You!

xo, K

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