Facing the Facts on S K I N

Facing the Facts on S K I N

Facing the Facts on S K I N

By Kristine Seganti


As Aestheticians and Skincare Therapists, we concentrate heavily on facial skin care, often forgetting about the rest of our body. 

Areas of the body that we tend to ignore are the neck, chest, hands, arms and feet. Really, all of those lovely sun-exposed areas that don’t receive as much care and attention as our smooth shinny faces! If we are so determined to slow down the aging process of our face, should we really be ignoring the fact that our skin on our body is aging too?

New skin cells are constantly generating all over our body, pushing up older more fragile, dry skin cells to the surface. In fact, we shed over 30,000 dead skin cells every hour!  The build up of these dead skin cells can cause excess production of sebum resulting in acne, congestion and oily skin, not to mention lines, wrinkles and in some areas odor! Proper exfoliating of the body is vital in combating these issues.  It can also help with ingrown hairs from shaving or a close trim along the hair line!

Tell me we shouldn’t be exfoliating daily? I can’t imagine if I didn’t!  Even more shocking is to know that as we age, our cell turnover slows and dead skin cells gather unevenly, creating dry skin, patches, uneven skin tone and fines lines.

With proper and regular exfoliation, we can remove these surface dead skin cells and reveal younger, fresher skin. These new cells will make skin brighter and more even.  Added plus, facial products and body moisturizer will absorb faster, thoroughly and products will last longer!

MEN produce more oils and have larger pores. Paying special attention to exfoliation requirements of the body is an added plus! 

Take the washcloth test for 1 week and see the difference!

Starting from head to toe!

FACE: Use the soft side of a washcloth gently in a circular motion. Cover all areas of your forehead, cheeks, chin, and around your ears and neck.


BODY upper: Chest, shoulders, arms and special attention to your elbows and the back of your hands, this is an area that age truly shows!

TIP: Purify Glycolic Cleanser is a great addition to boost exfoliation & increase production of collagen & elastin! 

BODY middle: Full chest, belly, back and grab a moment on those underarms! Discoloration of your underarms is caused by constant friction along with the use of deodorants and antiperspirant build-up.

TIP: Colorlite Plus Gel contains a power punch of Arbutin & Palmaria Palmata. Brightening and lightening your skin!

Apply a small amount to darkened areas on thoroughly cleansed/exfoliated skin nightly for 2-3 weeks and start to see the brightening and lightening in full effect.

Take a picture of your before and after #DBHskincare

BODY lower: Please don’t leave out the thighs, calves, feet and toes!  These parts deserve it, they put a lot of work into your day and are exposed to the UV rays, sunscreen, dirt, dust and debris from daily life.  They need a good cleanse and exfoliation too!  Don’t forget, this may not be your face, but you still need to be gentle.  Being too rough or not using the proper skincare products can cause superficial and microscopic scratches and scrapes on the skin.  This causes a barrier impairment and weakens the strength of your skin.  You may not see it, but trust me, your skin is going to feel it and the older we get, the longer repair time takes.

Proper, gentle and consistent exfoliation will provide a clear path for nutrients, moisturizer and protection to be applied and absorbed. Not to mention you don’t want to be wasteful of the skincare product you purchase!

TIP: Keep hydrated and moisturized after your daily exfoliation. I suggest a tablespoon of Phospholipid Cream mixed with your favorite DBH Aroma Oil


Need a cellulite and detox boost? Get to the Detox Gel and benefit from the Raw Caffeine for a more hydrated and firm skin!

In addition to its stand alone efficacy, this Detox Gel is heavily utilized for IPL, LED, and various modality applications. As an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and firming catalyst, the Detoxification Gel through its thermal formula can be utilized with massage, anti-aging LED therapy, or as a stimulating masque to enhance the effects of a professional treatment. Bitter Orange, Rosemary, and Algae extracts work together to firm and repair damage, as Coffee Seed Oil draws out impurities and reduces edema for a revitalized and lifted appearance.

TIP: share the wealth and apply extra serums from your face to the back of hands and forearms

 We tend and care so much for our facial skin, don’t forget to provide the same care to the rest of your body! A dedicated 5 minutes each day can take years off aging and help you maintain a more youthful appearance.  Remember, your regular visits to your DBH Certified Aesthetician for full care will also boost results and further the outcome to a Healthy Skin – Healthy You!

Xo! K