Is Eye Cream a Joke?

Is Eye Cream a Joke?

Is Eye Cream a Joke?

By Kristine Seganti


It’s time to really think about your eye care and moisturizer.  We all know the basics steps of a double-cleanse, serum, moisturizer and SPF.  These are daily must-do’s for healthy and youthful skin. However, have you ever thought of or just used your daily moisturizer when you are in a rush or out of eye moisturizer?  I admit I am guilty!! Do I really need a separate eye moisturizer? I mean, moisture is moisture, right?

The answer is YES and NO.  

No, face moisturizer is not created for your eyes.  The skin located on the upper and lower eyelids are much different than the rest of the skin on your face and body.  It is much more delicate, thin and sensitive. These areas also have general concerns that differ from the rest of the face. Such as, dark circles, milia, dry spots and more!  The goal for eye treatments and moisturizers is to be safe and gentle enough for the skin to reap the same nutrients and benefits as other products used for the face, just at a safe level as to not trigger irritations to the skin and/or eye.  So, YES, you do need a separate moisturizer for your eyes!

You are never too young to start applying hydration to your eye areas.  Prevention is first and key. For high-level hydration and wrinkle/line prevention, I suggest the PERFECT SKIN EYE HYDRATION GEL.

For anti-aging every day, you should be working to prevent free radical damage that occurs on a daily basis and increases with the use of make-up and concealers.  To help combat this damage, along with pearly milia, I suggest the CAVIAR EYE REPAIR GEL and the LIFE DUO MATURE.

Eye creams are also excellent for brightening and tightening under the eye area and may even help with bags!  For these concerns, I strongly suggest BRITE EYE CREAM.

For one-on-one assistance on product choices or referrals to a DBH Specialist near you, contact our office today.  Training is also available for our professionals!

Remember, Healthy Skin is a Healthy You!

Xo, Kristine