Clear and Nourish Acne Prone Skin

Clear and Nourish Acne Prone Skin

By Carissa St. Rose

Acne is often mistreated with over-exfoliation and failure to nourish and soothe the skin. This causes an overproduction of oil which exacerbates the condition. Treating your skin concerns holistically is essential for results. With that philosophy in mind, I highly recommend the Dermaesthetics Clear Complex Wash for those of you struggling with any grade of acne. Its unique formulation treats active acne and minimizes oil production, while also nourishing cell health to prevent additional breakouts.

Reinforced with a potent concentrate of Triclosan and other troubled skin ingredients, the Clear Complex Wash is able to provide a deep cleanse within the surface of the skin. In addition, this foaming wash carries a formulation that also is aimed to regulate oil secretion. This product is recommended to be used daily for oily and troubled skin types.

This cleanser works best in a complete acne regimen, so don’t forget to check out our other skin clearing products. If in doubt, utilize our online skin analysis tool to identify the perfect products for your skin type, or contact us to speak directly to one of our on-site Aestheticians. Lastly, for 10% off your online purchase today, use discount code “TheBeautySaint” before you checkout.


~ Carissa