DNA Serum

DNA Serum

By Heidi Corral


DNA Serum is one of Dermaesthetics star products. Its suitability for all skin types paired with its amazing anti aging benefits make it one of our best sellers.

DNA serum helps initiate the cellular reproduction process, and protects the integrity of the cells.

Phytic Acid one of the key ingredients in our DNA serum is a natural antioxidant found in plant seeds, gently exfoliates the skin and assists in providing the skin with a hydrated, and evenly glowing skin tone. Ergothioneine is the ingredient in the serum that is going to battle for our skin by protecting it against oxidative stress and the MMP’s that breakdown the extracellular matrix of the skin, while the Glycosaminoglycans protect the skin's connective tissues and promote healthy cellular functions. In short our DNA serum helps reproduce and protect new strong cells.

DNA serum is a great product for self care and can be added to a number of our professional treatment protocols and as well as your favorite specialty treatments. Get yours today!!!