Don’t Cover Up Dark Spots - TRY THIS!

Don’t Cover Up Dark Spots - TRY THIS!

Don’t Cover Up Dark Spots - TRY THIS!

By Kristine Seganti


Fitzpatrick #4, olive skin tone, rarely burns, easily tans.  This is me, a strong mix of Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, English, Spanish, Italian, and German.  , Starting in their late 40’s to ’50s, the ladies in my family have all dealt with unwanted, excess pigmentation at one time or another, myself included!  This skin discoloration, age spots, and sun spots appear after excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. This may occur over time and usually appear in areas that are most often exposed to the sun, such as hands, arms, shoulders, face, neck, feet.  

Why do we get age spots?

Melanin is what produces the color in our skin.  It also is what gives you a tan when your skin is exposed to UV rays. Age spots occur when melanin is produced in high concentrations, clumping pigment together in an area that has been overexposed to UV rays.

Facial Treatments vs Home Care

There are many treatments out there that lighten pigmentation, actually there are too many!  There are key ingredients that work and at different levels. To keep it simple, let me share what has worked for me and others with unwanted pigmentation.  First, self-care, at home, on the daily, is where you will see the difference, actual change. Go to a professional Esthetician for a deep boosting treatment every 4-6 weeks, and continue to work on your skin and see results with what you do at home.  If you don’t care for your skin properly at home, you will be leading yourself to disappointment. I say the biggest change in my skin and others comes with consistency in what you are using and doing. Stick with the same products for a consistent 60-90 days, then switch up lightening products as needed to keep your skin active and changing.  I will give you an example below.

What works?

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin well, night and day, prior to applying serums and treatments made to lighten your pigmentation.  Why? Well, we have 30 layers of dead skin cells. Removing excess dead skin cells will allow your serums and lightening products to absorb and enter the skin faster and deeper than if you left all the unwanted dead skin there. :)  With a 3% glycolic acid, The Purifying Glycolic Foaming Cleanser by Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills may be used daily to safely and effectively remove surface dead skin cells.  This is the preparation of the skin we were talking about earlier, that will allow all that nutrient-rich serum to penetrate your skin!

Be consistent with using serums and creams at home that will help lighten pigmentation and keep skin hydrated, not dry or peeling.  This is important for at home care because trauma to your skin may cause further pigmentation. Leave the peeling to the professionals at DBH!   Top choices for the relief of excess pigmentation is the Colorlite Plus Corrective Serum.  Incorporating this one simple step into your morning and night regimen will start the process of change in pigmentation in your skin, a must have.  To boost the effects of the Colorlite Plus Corrective Serum, include the EGF Nano Serum to your nighttime routine.  If you recall earlier in the article, we mentioned keep your skin active and changing by switching up products.  This is most effective with serums. In this case, when dealing with pigmentation, I would consistently use the Colorlite Plus Corrective Serum as a part one to my daily care.  Switching up the second serum will keep your skin active and changing. The lineup for the daily second serum use is as follows: EGF Nano Serum, C-Lester Topical Vitamin C20 Serum.  For deep and stubborn pigmentation, check out DBH Colorlite Plus Gel that contains arbutin and licorice root and DBH White Cotton Cream containing Arbutin, Vitamin A, E, Aloe and glycolic.

Remember, when it comes to healthy skin, home care, proper professional treatments and consistency is key.


You can review more skin lightening and brightening products at and even complete skin analysis to help you start your healthy skin journey!  Need a recommendation or treatment? Contact me and I will get you set up and on the fast track to healthy skin!

Love your skin and work with its ever-changing needs, not just during the storms.  When it gets tough, contact our headquarters to schedule a customized DBH professional treatment at our DICA Spa or locate a Certified DBH Professional for a customized treatment in your area.

Xo, Kristine


San Diego