When You Sell Empty Promises


Marketing 101.

When you sell promises you can’t deliver… then to the client, all news is bad news. Selling your services involved a commitment and should carry an expected outcome. When the client finds out that the products or services are lined with grandeur, the relationship is greatly damaged. This in turn is the key issue. All too many businessmen and women sell promises they can’t deliver. Marketing promises that spin out of control, that pile expectations on top of dreams, is the demise. When reality sets and the product claims don’t turn out as expected, there is inevitable disappointment and severed relationships.

This is the challenge so many of us face today. How do we compete in a market that carries so many false claims? There are many solutions but at Dermaesthetics we’re all about safe and effective skincare products. Use the best ingredients and formulations, under promise, and over satisfy your clients. Be honest, be truthful, live and practice a life worth living. Strive to be better than you are today.

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