Dark Eyes? Brite Cream Posted by The Beauty Director of California

Dark Eyes? Brite Cream Posted by The Beauty Director of California

Dark eyes are the worst! No matter what our ancestory, where we live or what we do for a job, we all get them at some time. It’s that ugly dark shadow under eyes (in the tear trough really) that can be combined with puffiness, fine lines, even little clogged areas called milia. UGH! What’s a girl to do?


There are a variety of ways to address dark eyes-everyone has an opinion, tip or technique, but I opted for the treatment first and got the DermAesthetics Beverly Hills Brite Eye Cream. They had me at the name!!


Brite Eyes are what I am seeking, so I inquired with one of their top estheticians. “What I love most with this product is the consistency, says Kristine Seganti. “It is lightweight, easily absorbed and effective. Loaded with Arbutin-which inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin. Arbutin is therefore used as a skin-lightening agent. Additionally, the DBH Brite Eye Cream contains soothing ingredients like Jasmine, Calendula, Lavender in addition to Malic and Lactic Acid- to gently exfoliate the skin-brightening every day.”


Well, it now seems obvious to me. If I’m not brightening, I’m darkening. EEK!

Time to say bye-bye to Dark Eyes and hello to Brite Eyes! Enter promocode 10 to receive 10% off your first purchase of Brite Eye Cream-new customers only.




Brite Eye Cream .5oz