What To Expect with Natural Ingredients

What To Expect with Natural Ingredients

Something that I think is really great about Dermaesthetics is that their products are all natural. They come from natural ingredients and substances. This is great for everyone as it allows for the skin to become refreshed using natural means. I mean we all like having the most natural drinks and food so why not also have natural face and body products. Of course natural ingredients do not always mix together and stay mixed.

A great example of this happening is in natural juices. It says on the label to shake well before opening and the reason for this is that there is a separation that can happen. When this happens the juice doesn’t taste right but as long as it is shaken beforehand, you are okay. Similar to the juice being the same either way, sometimes some products that are all natural can separate.

I have gotten questions in the past about products that have little specks at the bottom or that the color has changed a bit. It is true that not all of our products will show these yet some will. The reason that these little specks happen is because the products’ ingredients after a while have started to separate. This is due to the fact that the heavier ingredients will end up sinking to the bottom of the bottle. 

This especially happens when a product is made of mostly ingredients made of water. The separation is completely natural and expected. The way to fix this from happening is by simply mixing the product (shaking it if it is in a bottle and more liquid or simply stirring the product if it is a cream).

The discoloration is due to the fact that there are no preservatives in Dermaesthetics’ products. This means that as time goes on chemicals change. The product is still good but just looks different. Just mix the product and you're good to go!

So do not worry! It is just a natural happening that happens because of gravity and chemicals! Take care and until next time, my friends, stay radiant!