Sun Kissed Skin

Sun Kissed Skin

Summer is here and in full force.  Many of us love our skin AND love the sun, I know I do!  During this time of the year our skin suffers from over exposure to the sun, including excess and uneven pigmentation.  This blotchy pigmentation can be caused by an uneven buildup of dead skin cells. We can all avoid the undesirable leopard look with proper and consistent exfoliation of our face and body!

As a professional, before hitting the beach or laying out poolside, I suggest to all of my clients to double cleanse day and night and exfoliate at least every 2 days with a gentle exfoliator such as the DBH Natural Jojoba Cleansing Bead Scrub.  This hydrating and exfoliating cleanser gently and thoroughly works to remove and reduce excess oil build up, sunscreen, dirt, debris, congestion and more without damaging your skin.  The added bonus of this decadent jojoba scrub is the addition of Aloe that assists in the healing process of sunburned skin. Can’t go wrong here, just healthy!

Leave your skin soft and smooth to touch for your perfect SUN KISSED SKIN!



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