Spot-less skin is Possible

Spot-less skin is Possible


Unless you’re a Dalmatian puppy, spots are not cute. Humans aren’t born with spots-so if you have them, what to do? Take it to a professional skincare company that has been treating spots for more than 30 years. DermAesthetics Beverly Hills treats spots every day. How do they win “Best of Spot-less?” We asked Lincoln Lee, Director of DBH.


“There are several ways we tackle spots (or excess pigmentation) on the skin”, says Lee. ”We treat it with both professional treatments (performed by an aesthetician) and self care routine (done by the client at-home)


#1-Professional Treatments


A consultation by an professional aesthetician is best. At this time, the aesthetician can evaluate your level of excess pigmentation and the best way to address. Also, DBH professional treatments contain concentrated, powerful ingredients that are not available to the general public.


#2-Self Care Treatments


Utilizing a holistic approach to your skin care products at-home will maximize the time and results. “Often times women select the wrong formulation for their skin type (maybe they read a celebrity is using this one product or their friend suggests) and they start to see additional issues like breakouts or oiliness. Take your product recommendations from a skincare expert. If you can’t see a professional aesthetician, DBH has a hotline to answer any questions on the best products.


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