How to choose a serum

How to choose a serum

One of the newest ‘Must-Have” in beauty is a serum. What exactly is a serum and how will it benefit your skin? How to pick the best one? When to start using a serum? We take these important questions to Lincoln Lee, Director of Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills.


What exactly is a serum?


A face serum is typically a liquid concentrate of active skincare ingredients. While the base of the serum ranges, the application is the same-It is applied after cleansing & toning, but before a moisturizer.


How does it benefit the skin?


Depending on the formulation, the face serum delivers a concentrated recipe to treat the skin concern. A face serum can also provide additional environmental protection, such as the top –selling DBH C-Ester Vitamin C20% Serum-created to maximize treatment and protection benefits. By working to fortify the skin, this ultra lean serum protects against free radical damage caused by pollution and UV exposure.


How to pick the best one for you?

The best way to select a serum is to first think about your skin type-are you normal/combination, oily or dry? Select a serum that is formulated for your skin type. Next, think about the one thing you would like to change about your skin: Is it to eliminate excess pigmentation? Is it to nourish/correct skin that has wrinkles or loss of elasticity


When to start using a serum?

Since serums provide multiple benefits, the best answer is today! ? Here is a list of face serums created by DBH:


C-Ester Vitamin C20% Serum - Brightening/Anti-Pigmentation/Protective

Moisture B5 Hydrating Serum - Hydrating

DNA Matrix Serum - Nourishing/Firming

Colorlite Corrective Serum - Anti-pigmentation

EGF Nano Stem Serum – Strengthening/Repairing

Essential Face Therapy Oil Serum-Deeply hydrating/Protective


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