Root Of Life Skin Care Launch

Root Of Life Skin Care Launch

ICYMI, we want to thank everyone who attended and those who were not able to participate in Root of Life Skin Care Launch! As some of you may know, Root of Life Skin Care is a sister brand of Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills.

Through the DBH line of professional skin care products, we have changed lives all over the world by providing industry professionals such as doctors, dermatologists, and aestheticians with best in class skincare solutions.

Root of Life skincare products are roots-inspired. The root of the lifeline focuses on the roots of a plant; the part of the plants that grounds everything and provides nutrients to the entire plant. It is the very lifeline that sustains and grows the plant, and in it, we believe are vital nutrients and stem cells to improve our skin. Paralleling this, we understand the root of life in our daily lives is love. Love for our family, love for our friends, and love for everyone around us. If you take time to think about what grounds us, made us who we are, what sustains us to live, it’s all because we love others, others have loved us and in turn, drives us to want to make a difference in this life.

When you think of root of life, we want you to think about what grounds what helps you grow, what sustains you. We want Root of Life to help accomplish your skin care goals, your life goals, we want to be a part of your lives for the better, not just a brand or a line of high-quality products!

We want to take this time to thank our entire team and all the fantastic vendors who made the Launch a success!

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