Pass the salt, please Posted by The Beauty Director of California

It used to be that every kitchen table had a salt shaker on it and each family dinner was filled with “Pass the salt please” Fast forward to today and we are all consistently advised to cut out the salt from our daily diets. But i some cultures like Korea, they add salt- Really? The Himalayan Salt Room that is.


Locate a Korean spa and most likely there is the Himalayan Salt room, that is built with salt directly from the Himalayas. And yes, it is pink! But why is this salt so special if not for the color? It contains an astounding 84 different minerals which are purported to diffuse throughout your body and invigorate your cells. Additionally, the salt minerals assist in helping to excrete toxins from the body, hopefully a little weight loss happens!


On my recent Korean spa day, I added in a some time for this unique treatment prior to my massage and scrub. I was told that this salt room is best for stimulating the digestive system and reenergizing the metabolism. The room was calm and I was offered a headrest for support. I found my mind relaxing and thought about releasing the toxins-it was neither hot nor cold, there was no music, chanting or deep breathing required. By the time, I was finished with my massage; I did feel a bit lighter, refreshed and ready to take on the week. I highly recommend adding this treatment to your visit at your local Korean spa. And remember to not pass on the salt please!

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