Chart your Skin to Blemish-Free Posted by The Beauty Director of California





As stress levels increase this time of year, I have been noticing more blemishes everywhere-my skin, my friend’s face, even celeb “running around town” pictures show

evidence of a mini break-out. What’s going on?


According to ancient civilizations, there are meridians on the face that correspond to organs of the body. If the organ is overloaded or in distress, the spot on the face will reflect it. I consulted the basic face chart in Korean culture and instantly good pinpoint my breakout dilemma. Great! Now the world knows I had too many lattes this week, no wonder I have a zit right on my cheek. Since I am lactose-intolerant, I usually take enzymes to digest the milk sugar but ran out this month. Well, I eased up on the coffee, switched to green tea in the afternoons and Voila! No more breakouts.

Wow! Who knew? Try it yourself and map your chart to blemish-free skin…. finally!


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