How to Protect Your Skin's Natural Moisture

How to Protect Your Skin's Natural Moisture

While hand sanitizer and face masks are necessary to keep everyone safe, they can cause some damage to the skin by drying it out. Yet that is where having the right cream can help. I think that it is amazing how Dermaesthetics has really been leading the way in helping the community during this time by coming out with new products related to what everyone is going through. With the dry winter months coming soon, right now is a great time to stock up on Dermaesthetics’ Multi Cream. This amazing cream is formulated to hydrate and aid in the skin’s healing process. Not only that, but it also replenishes the skin with the nourishment that the skin needs due to the damage caused by face masks and hand sanitizers and hand washing. This beautiful hand and face cream is made with Jojoba seed oil, Glycosaminoglycans, Allantoin, and Niacinamide. Jojoba seed oil is known to have antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, while the Glycosaminoglycans help support the collagen in your skin and provide a soothing sensation to your skin. Allantoin aids your skin in repairing any wounds or inflammation that has happened due to dryness, and Niacinamide treats the skin of redness and blottiness. These ingredients truly help the skin feel normal and hydrated. 

Self care Tips:

  1. Cleanse face and hands with appropriate cleanser/hand soap.
  2. Use a toner specifically made for your skin type on your face. 
  3. Use 3-4 drops of your serum on your face. I would recommend using the serum Moisture B5 as it will help your skin retain moisture. This serum also can be used both on your face and hands. 
  4. Use Multi Cream on your face as a moisturizer by massaging the cream into your skin. For your hands, gently massage the cream into your hands. 

This face and hand cream will make a great addition to your skincare routine in order to further help it. Take care and until next time, stay radiant!


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