Are Professional Grade Products Better?

Are Professional Grade Products Better?

Many estheticians would recommend people to use professional grade products. Is it due to the fact that they want us to pay more for skin products or are the products on the shelves of Targets and walmarts really not going to help with our skin problems? The fact of the matter is that retail products are of extremely less quality than that of professional grade products. 

The production of retail products and professional products is radically different, which causes a difference in the effectiveness of the products. When factories make retail products, such as the ones found on the shelves of Target, most of the products are made in huge batches and with preservatives to make them last longer. Furthermore, they have very little percentages of active ingredients so that companies can claim that the products are for all skin types. Many retail products have added fragrances and perfumes to attract consumers to buy, although these are actually really bad for the skin. On the other hand, when professional-grade products are created in factories, they are made in small batches containing larger percentages of active ingredients. These percentages help the products actively help you help your skin. Furthermore, professional grade products are made for the specific skin type and concerns you have, such as for oily skin, scar tissue repair, acne-prone skin, ect. 

Professional grade products help you target your skin concerns and protect from further harm in a faster and stronger way. So before you grab that cleanser or moisturizer off of the shelf of your common store, think about your skin and what it needs. It needs a product that was specifically made for it, and not one that is made for just anyone. 

Until next time, my friends, stay radiant and protect your skin.  


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