How harmful is the sun?

How harmful is the sun?

Sun exposure and skin damage is a topic clients and friends bring to an aesthetician's attention almost daily. They want to be reassured that extended sun exposure is safe and that there isn’t any long-term harm associated with outdoor activities. Due to our long history with trusted aestheticians, the Dermaesthetics team can answer a few of these concerns. 

Let's first start with some sun terminology:

What is oxidation? 

Oxidation is the breakdown of sugar to produce ATP (energy), carbon dioxide and water. This reaction causes the release of free radicals. Free radicals grab an extra electron from atoms in a molecule, and in this case our skin cells. This reaction causes damage to our skin's DNA. 

What is UV radiation? 

UV radiation is part of the natural energy produced by the sun.On the electromagnetic spectrum, UV light has shorter wavelengths than visible light. This means that our eyes can't see UV waves but our skin can feel them. There are two types of UV light -UVA and UVB. UVA has a longer wavelength than UVB. Both cause damage, but UVB is specifically associated with burning. 

How do I protect myself? 

The danger of both oxidation and UV radiation can be dramatically reduced by understanding the best ways to protect yourself. We know from countless research that the sun is beneficial for depression and Vitamin D deficiencies. Arming ourselves with proper protection can allow for a safe, happy lifestyle of wellness, experience, and beauty. 

To achieve proper protection, use products rich in antioxidants such as Dermaesthetics (DBH)'s Antioxidant Toner and C-Lester Topical Vitamin C10 Serum. The Antioxidant Toner is a concentrated formula of vitamin C and E along with Aloe and Allantoin that protects and heals the sun-damaged skin. Use the C-Lester Topical Vitamin C10 Serum at night to even out skin tone and suppress skin discoloration while stimulating natural collagen synthesis. The combination of antioxidants shield skin from free radical damage. 

Don’t stop there. The DBH protection line not only serves as the first line of sun defense but combines a powerful treatment that encourages cellular regeneration with stem cell technology (EGF). Use EGF UV Shield every day along with EGF Blemish Balm to conceal and protect against sun damage.  

Taking these extra steps will ensure that you're doing all you can to protect your skin from any harmful sun rays. Now that you have the Dermaesthetics stamp of approval, go ahead and have some fun in the sun!