B5 Serums and Exercise Lead to Better Skin

B5 Serums and Exercise Lead to Better Skin

At this time, many people are being laid off or having to work from home. This means that many are at home and generally are inactive, especially since the gyms are closed. Yet in order to keep healthy, we need to stay active. Even if you normally only exercise in order to keep toned or to gain muscle, you actually are also helping your skin. There are many benefits to exercising that are not limited to purely gaining muscles and losing that stubborn fat (although that is probably a good reason for it). It turns out that sweating can actually help your body as it helps release toxins from your body, while also producing oils that keep your skin looking hydrated. Pushing yourself to this point makes it so your body increases blood flow to your skin as well as nutrients and oxygen that stays with your skin for a few days. Furthermore, exercising can help keep your stress levels down, which helps keep your skin from getting as many wrinkles. Obviously, exercising helps tone your muscles, which actually helps your skin become firmer! 

With every good workout plan, you always need a good skincare plan. With all of the  sweating and exertion happening, your skin needs to be taken care of. My advice is to keep your pre and post workout skin routine simple. They can be the same thing, just make sure to cleanse your face of make-up beforehand (this allows your pores to be free of the makeup that could be clogging them), use a toner, moisturize, and put on sunscreen if it is during the day. An esthetician recommended to me recently to use Organic Cleansing wipes as they are a quick way to cleanse the skin. Then she said to use DBH’s O2 Hydrating Mist followed by their Moisture B5 serum for skin in order to help retain my skin’s moisture. As for sunscreen, she recommended EGF UV Shield, since it is a great daily sunscreen to use in the beginning of my day or workout if I decide to do a morning workout. 

Exercise is a great way to help your body as well as achieve healthy looking skin. If you need help figuring out a good skincare plan for yourself feel free to contact us. Until next time, my friends, stay radiant and stay safe!


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