At-Home Peel for Complete Skin Renewal

At-Home Peel for Complete Skin Renewal


The Millennial 3 Day Peel is an acid-free chemical peel that is perfect for those with normal to mature skin. It is a worry-free option for those who want to start diving into chemical peels but may still be a bit hesitant. 

The Millennial 3 Day Peel is totally safe to use. It is simple to apply. And it is an excellent anti-aging solution that also brightens the skin in 3 hassle-free applications.

This light chemical peel works by removing the topmost layer of your skin which is the epidermis, to reveal a healthier, younger-looking layer of your skin. With the removal of the epidermis, damaged skin cells are peeled off and new cells are allowed to take their place.

The Millennial 3 Day Peel exfoliates then reveals regenerated skin. This process brings with it a host of benefits for your skin including:



  • Tighten and firm sagging skin 
    • As we age, the collagen and elastin in the dermis start to deteriorate and cause sagging in our skin. The Millennial 3 Day Peel stimulates collagen and elastin production which tightens and firms the skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Fine lines and wrinkles are common signs of aging skin and they can be upsetting to see in the mirror. The Millennial 3 Day Peel works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and results can be seen even after the first use.
  • Lighten Melasma dark spots 
    • Melasma can be an unsettling skin condition caused by sun exposure and hormonal changes like pregnancy and using birth control. The Millennial 3 Day Peel works by removing excess melanin in the skin, making the skin lighter and brighter after every application.
  • Lighten scar damage 
    • A chemical peel lightens scarring which may be due to many factors like acne. Peeling away the topmost layer of your skin removes excess collagen which may have created hypertrophic or atrophic scars.
  • Improve skin texture
    • Sun exposure, environmental aggressors, and a build-up of dead skin cells cause uneven skin texture. Chemical peels work wonders in improving skin texture by exfoliating the skin revealing rejuvenated and touchable skin.

Active ingredients 

The Millennial 3 Day Peel has been formulated to be simple to apply, safe to use, and be an effective solution to many of the common skin conditions that come with aging. It contains potent ingredients including:

  • Retinyl Palmitate 
    • Retinyl Palmitate boosts collagen and elastin production in the skin. It has excellent anti-aging and antioxidant properties. And it has been proven to be a safe and effective ingredient to any skincare product.
  • Cloudberry Seed Oil 
    • Cloudberry seed oil nourishes and hydrates your skin. It is abundant in vitamins like C and E, antioxidants, fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, and it protects your skin from free radicals that can damage the skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin of your skin.
  • Tocopherol
    • Tocopherol or Vitamin E is a popular antioxidant that reduces inflammation and has powerful anti-aging properties. It helps regenerate your skin cells. It improves the health and appearance of your skin. It helps with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and smoothens the skin.
  • Atelocollagen
    • Atelocollagen has tons of benefits for the skin. It has anti-aging properties, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, lightens and whitens the skin, moisturizes and hydrates, and is also a powerful antioxidant. It also improves skin elasticity.
  • Squalane
    • Squalane is a hydrogenated form of Squalene. It is the stable form of Squalene. Squalene is a naturally occurring lipid in your skin which is a natural moisturizer. The production of this lipid slows down as you get to your 20’s and 30’s which is why you may need help from external moisturizers in hydrating your skin. Squalane boosts skin hydration and also has antioxidant properties. It also boosts collagen production in the skin. These explain the anti-aging properties of this ingredient.


I love The Millennial 3 Day Peel. I have just started using it and just after the first application, I have visible results. My skin is lighter and brighter and I’ve noticed that the dark spots in my cheeks have lightened up as well. My main goal for using this product is to work on some of my wrinkles and I am extremely happy that I am seeing results.” - Melissa, 52

I used this product to primarily tighten my skin as I’m starting to see skin sagging in my face and I’m so surprised to see it working so quickly. I’ve also noticed that my skin is brighter and it feels smoother to the touch!” - Gayle, 45

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