5 Steps to #DBHbeauty

Part I -  Repair, Rejuvenate and Protect


We lose the ability to retain collagen and elastin starting at the age of 20. Slowly causing our skin to thin out.  UVA rays cause enlarged pores, accelerated loss of collagen and elastin, wrinkles and more! They (uva rays) penetrate deep into the skin, passing the epidermis and going straight into your living skin, the dermis.  Unprotected skin will lead to premature aging and photo-aging. UV rays cause burning of the epidermis and plays a major role in the development of skin cancers.

For proper repair, you don’t need a lot of products, just the right products! Learning the #DBHbeauty for your specific self care system is a must!


REPAIR (pigmentation, wrinkles, healthy cellular activity)

L-Ergothioneine, is an antioxidant amino acid that is an integral part of our skins defense towards the aging process.  L-Erothioneine has the ability to protect human cells against UVA damage and increase ATP activity!  Increased ATPs ensures higher levels of cellular energy. Over 90% of energy is produced by our mitochondria. By ramping up ATPs production, you ramp up production of lipids, collagen, and elastin, visibly reducing lines, wrinkles and pore size while increasing overall firmness.  Increased protection to mitochondria, glycation inhibitor, all while brightening and clarifying your skin tone and inhibiting the formation of melanin.

DNA Matrix Serum

Providing a vital shield for cells, and initiating cellular reproduction. Blended with active antioxidants, Ergothioneine and Sodium Chondroitin fighting free radicals and MMP’s that breakdown the collagen and elastin.  

Key Ingredients: Ergothioneine, Glycosaminoglycans, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Chondroitin, Lecithin



REJUVENATE (dehydrated skin & TEWL)

Increased hydration of the skin and reduction in transepidermal water loss. Trehalose, the healthful plant sugar that can be consumed and applied topically for better skincare.  It has amazing moisture retention properties, making it a highly sought after ingredient. If you are looking to enhance hydration or increase the efficacy of your moisturizer or just had too much coffee or wine causing dehydration, this might be for you.  Do the skin test for thirsty, dehydrated skin. Look in the mirror and with your index finger, push up on your cheek. If you see fine lines this means your skin is dehydrated and in need of trehalose.

SKINtip:  increased the moisture and texture of your skin with Trehalose prior to an extraction appointment.  It will reduce the pain of extractions due to the skin being softer and more pliable.

Life Duo Mature

Life Duö Mature was developed with a potent PowerBlend Formula using nature’s stem cells of Trehalose, Peptides, and potent actives; Life Duö promotes the rejuvenation of skin to a healthy state. 

Key Ingredients: Trehalose, Retinyl Palmitate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide 38, Licorice Root, Ergothioneine, Squalene, Glycosominoglycans



PROTECT (anti-aging, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, +)

 Remember those UVB and UVA rays?  Lets reduce the aging factor as much as possible with SPF 50 and Epidermal Growth Factors! Yeah!

 EGF UV Shield

PowerBlended with sh-oligopeptide (EGF) to aid in the skin's cellular regeneration while providing broad spectrum protection of 50 spf and pa+++. 

Key Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, sh-oligopeptide (EGF), Alkyl Benzoate




5 STEPS #DBHbeauty

Part II -  Regimen

STEP 1  


Proper cleansing can alleviate flaky skin, enlarged pores, excess sebum production, blackheads and congestion. Eliminate dirt, debris, oils and other buildup will properly prepare the skin to receive nutrients from the remaining steps



Serums are a burst of concentrated nutrients offering skin multiple healthy benefits and results.  They have proven anti-aging benefits that stimulate collagen, elastin, reduce redness and inflammation, repair damaged cells and regenerate healthy cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore hydration and strengthen barrier functions. 

If you want to see change, start here immediately after your professional skin treatment.  Don’t leave the spa without it!

STEP 3  


DBH Moisturizers require proper selection in order to provide the best benefits.  Not only do they lock in the nutrients from the potent serums, they also provide a strong barrier and can increase functions functions of hydration, brightening, rejuvenating and protecting.  These moisturizers are blended to serve as another layer of treatment, delivering active ingredients and unveiling healthy, vibrant skin.

STEP 4  


Don’t forget the eyes – aka windows to the soul.  The thinnest skin on the body is in the eye area. This makes this fragile region susceptible to the first signs of aging, dehydration, pigmentation, and dark circles caused by poor blood circulation. The Dermaesthetics line of eye creams contain a highly effective formulation of active ingredients to target specific problems related to the delicate eye area, producing rapid results with continued use. 

STEP 5  


Every day, despite the season, weather, sunny or cloudy, we are exposed to those nasty ultraviolet (UV) rays. The damage caused by this exposure speeds up the aging process dramatically. Burning, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkling, and skin cancer. Even the smallest amount of UV exposure encourages these unwanted signs of aging.  The Dermaesthetics protection line not only serves as the first line of defense to skin damage from UV rays, but is also a powerful treatment that encourages cellular regeneration with Stem Cell Technology (EGF).

Born and raised in the countryside of Korea, filled with botanical healing herbs, Dr. Ann S. Lee has harnessed the natural anti-aging and brightening benefits and concentrated them into this luxurious brand.  See all that she has to offer at www.dermaestheticsusa.com today!


TAKE THE SKIN ANALYSIS TEST to determine your specific skin type and the BEST #DBHbeauty product for your skin!

A dedicated 5 minutes each day can take years off aging and help you maintain a more youthful appearance.  Remember, your regular visits to your professional DBH Certified Aesthetician for full care will boost overall results and further the outcome to a Healthy Skin – Healthy You!

xo, K

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