5 Best Professional Skin Care Tips for Your 30’s-50’s

5 Best Professional Skin Care Tips for Your 30’s-50’s



There’s a lot of information floating around the internet about skincare. How can you decide what is right and wrong?

 In this blog we will cover 5 of the foundational tips you should be considering when it comes to skincare. 


  1. Don’t just look for the highest percentage of active ingredients. 

Products are designed with very specific amounts of each ingredient to optimize the performance of the whole formula. Oftentimes you won’t see active ingredients listed near the top of the list (the highest percentage in the formula) as it may take away from the performance of the other ingredients deeming them ineffective. Just because a product has a high amount of an ingredient doesn’t make it better or worse. For example, sodium hyaluronate can hold 1000x water weight. So 1% of a 100ml can fully function and hold 1000ml of water. In terms of epidermal growth factor (EGF) percentage, all you need is 0.5% to 4%. As far as sodium ergothioneine (a natural amino acid) percentage, anywhere from 1.6% to 3.5% will work for the skin. Dermaesthetics uses the highest rate to maximize skin recovery and turnover without compromising the quality of the product.


  1. Become educated on how the skin works along with your product.

Just because a product has a great active ingredient in it doesn’t mean it’ll work. Often companies will put in trace amounts or just sufficient enough percentages for claim and marketing purposes. What's more important is understanding how the skin works. For example, lemonade mix contains a lot of water and a small amount of lemons. Does watered-down lemonade taste good? Or having the proper amount better for our taste buds? Likewise, your skin is a sponge and absorbs water and oil to moisturize and there is a limited amount that can be stored within our dermal layers. Don’t waste the limited amount of volume on just water or highly diluted products to correct your skin. Make sure the products have a low solid concentrated amount of actives and ingredients to improve your skin’s ability to absorb and improve. 

DBH products have a low solidity and utilize a net weight measurement system to fill our products. 

Here are a few examples of our formulas: 

The C-Lester Topical Vitamin C20 Serum has a concentration of 240 oranges. 

The DNA Matrix Serum carries an equivalent amount of Glycosaminoglycans that some parts of our skin take 1 year to self produce. 

The soluble collagen in the Collagen Stemedic Serum provides an instant buoyancy to our skin by enveloping itself around our existing collagen to hold and absorb more moisture.

  1. Stop wasting money on “instant" products.

Clear out all the old products you wasted money on. We know it was expensive but stop hoarding and give your skin fresh new products. We know crash diets don’t work, “crash” skincare won’t either. Invest in your skin the right way. Good skin comes from healthy skin. Using proper ingredients for your skin is key. Just like eating healthy food leads to better health for our body. In the same fashion, exfoliation of our skin is very important. Our skin turns over every 28 days but that turn over rate slows down as we get older and increases our biological aging process. To maximize that turn over rate, proper Level 1 peeling and peel rotation is key for healthy glowing skin.

Here at Dermaesthetics, we offer Level 1 peels, such as the Green Apple Peel.  

Before & After

We also have aggressive yet safe Level 2 and Level 3 deep peels for complete exfoliation and peeling. 

(Level 2)


(Level 3) Before & After


  1. It's easier to prevent than to recover

You’ve heard this before but it's time to start practicing. Prevention of skin concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sun damage, etc is far easier than not. Protect yourself and recover. 

DBH exclusively offers proper SPF 50 with PA +++ protection with EGF to help recover and heal the skin. More easily, the texture is light, doesn’t weigh down the skin, and provides a clean and smooth finish with the best protection of SPF 50. We also have the EGF Blemish Balm to help correct and recover the skin with tint to substitute as a daily foundation coverage.


  1. Trust brands with years of experience instead of DIY hacks from social media.

None of us have all the knowledge of the world. Work with products from a brand that makes all of their own products. DBH has been manufacturing for nearly 40 years in the US. Don’t look for brands that outsource production. We love skincare and we love improving the skin. We are committed to growing your knowledge with education materials and products to elevate your skin. We want to make sure that we’re here to meet all of your skin care needs. Here at Dermaesthetics, we offer complimentary classes as well as paid advanced certifications in peeling, microneedling, dermaplaning, lasers, microblading, lashes, glassy glow, and k-fit non-surgical facial sculpting & lifting technique. 

We invite you to explore everything we’re about. 

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