Wrinkle Master Women Set


Women generally have thinner skin than men, and often show more visible signs of aging over time. A major factor in the overall shape of our skin stems from genetics, however, the consistent use of makeup, hormonal imbalances, and prolong exposure to the sun’s UV rays, can have a compound effect on the overall health of women’s skin.

The Wrinkle Master Step 1 is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade amino acids and polypeptides to address the broader range of universal skin concerns – hydration, moisture, and restoration.

The Wrinkle Master Women Step 2 addresses thinning, sagging, and dull skin as a result of aging in women’s skin and contains natural ingredients such as anti-aging actives with pro-collagen and pro-elastin properties.

Key Ingredients


acts as an exfoliant

refines skin's appearance

smooths surface of skin


stimulates collagen and elastin fibroblasts

tones and firms



contains medicinal properties

powerful antioxidants

reduces wrinkles

Expanded List of Ingredients: L-Ergothioneine, Ribose, Hexaonyl Didpeptide-3, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-1, Acer Rubrum Bark Extract, and Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12


  1. Wash your face using a cleanser that fits your skin type.
  2. Apply Wrinkle Master Step 1 on wrinkled areas and massage into the skin.
  3. Apply Wrinkle Master Step 2 and massage into the skin.
  4. Morning only, apply EGF UV Shield on the whole face. Apply makeup after if needed.

TIP: Once or twice a month, use Natural Jojoba Cleansing Bead Scrubs to massage away rough and dry skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

It is a great product. To be honest, this is the first anti-wrinkle kit that has shown results. I got it as a gift from my friend. God bless her for introducing me to DBH. I have already ordered my second kit. Simply awesome. Just go for it!

Zoe Flores
Worth it

This is my second time. DBH moisturizer is great. It’s smooth and keeps my skin hydrated. The step 2 bottle is amazing. It is light as air. I don’t need anything else after this. Keeps my skin subtle and I have noticed a reduction in the wrinkles around my eyes. Ladies, it is a must-have product, do buy!

Emily Castillo
Must Buy

I am in love with this kit. This product has a smooth finish and gets absorbed completely into the skin. It is light on the skin. Easy to use. It is must-have once you touch your late 30s. Highly recommended!

Scarlett Williams
Nice one

My skin is quite dry and has got worse as I have aged. I have been using this kit for a couple of months now. It’s mild and soothing. My skin looks a lot better now. Its going well so far. Hope to see more results with constant use.

Mia Smith
Tighter Skin

This kit combo is surely working on my wrinkles. My skin is getting tighter and toned. Works great for me!

Kate Mckenzie
Great combo

The combo of hydration cream and anti-aging works perfect for me. The natural ingredients give a nice glow to the skin. It evens out my skin complexion. No complaints and highly satisfied.

My mom loves it

I ordered this for my mom and she loved the product. She said her skin is hydrated, and even I can see that her skin is glowing. She has added this kit to her daily skincare routine. Totally worth it!

Excellent so far

After using this wrinkle kit, my skin gets smooth and gives me the even tone. It is actually working on the wrinkles. Good going so far.

Jacqueline Hancock
Indeed a great product

Great fragrance. Easy to add to your daily skincare. Gave me smooth skin. Highly effective!

Perfect Skincare

It is the easiest and most convenient anti-aging skincare kit ever. Just two steps and the results are wonderful. Loving it.