Wrinkle Master Men Set


Men have about 25% thicker and generally tougher skin than women. Despite this, men’s skin exhibits major signs of rough, dehydrated, and often neglected skin. Men often experience fewer wrinkles and fine lines than women, but as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun without protection, men’s skin can look dramatically aged.

Master Step 1 is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade amino acids and polypeptides to address the broader range of universal skin concerns – hydration, moisture, and restoration.

Master Men Step 2 is a deep hydration step adding back to the skin the nutrients it loses as we age. This step reduces the appearance of rough patches and dry flakey skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

Key Ingredients


retains moisture

fortified, protective barrier

fewer visible lines and wrinkles


rich in fatty acids and tocopheral (vitamin E)

protects and nourishes

reduces water loss


contains rich nutrients

enhances collagen

natural growth factor of skin

Expanded List of Ingredients: Palmitoyl peptide-7, Palmitoyl tripeptide -1, Isotetearyl Palmitate, Butyrospermum Parkii Nut Extract, Ceramide NG, L-Ergothioneine, Ribose, Tocopherol Acetate, Avacado Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, and Chrysanthus Bulb Extract


  1. Wash your face using a cleanser that fits your skin type.
  2. Apply Wrinkle Master Step 1 on wrinkled areas and massage into the skin.
  3. Apply Wrinkle Master Step 2 and massage into the skin.
  4. Morning only, apply EGF UV Shield on the whole face.

TIP: Once or twice a month, use Natural Jojoba Cleansing Bead Scrubs to massage away rough and dry skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Michael Brady
Lift my skin

My skin is definitely looking clearer after I started using this product. It becomes firmer and toned. I feel my skin is lifted. Good product. A must-have!

Thanks to this product

I can see my wrinkles are disappearing slowly. My skin feels so soft and nourished now. My skin tone has also improved a lot.

Jason Moran
Visible results

Helps slowly fade away fine lines. All in all good one.

It actually works

I am amazed at this product. It really works as promised. Recommended!

Harvey Doyle
Quite effective

It is quite effective, I must say. It moisturizes my skin and gives a glass skin type shine. I can see a reduction in fine lines around the mouth. Its excellent.

Tooo good

It clearly has positive effects on my skin during the first month of usage. It has great absorption and gives a natural feel as if nothing is applied on the face. The mild fragrance is nice. Do give it try guys, you will like it.

James M.
So far the best

It is a great combo. The moisturizer is great, neither oily nor dry. It is perfect for the skin. Highly recommended.

Andrew Carter
Its nice

I saw my sister using DBH products and when I was browsing find this one for men. So I thought of giving it a try since the reviews were great. I actually like the product. My skin feels great. Its smooth and I can see a glow on my face as well. I don’t have visible wrinkles, I am using this to prepare my skin for the future. And its working!

Theodore Baldwin
Great experience

I really love your 2 step kit. One of the first anti-aging creams I have ever tried, and its works great. Just great.

Logan B.
Fab product

I can see results in 6 weeks. My skin was never this glowing and smooth even in my 20s. The fine lines are visibly getting reduced.