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The DX Micro Mist and Soft & Bright set is made with Vitamin B, C, and rich antioxidants to nourish and brighten for a more radiant complexion. This formula softens and hydrates dehydrated skin while clearing discoloration and dark spots. Misting device works at .3nm-.5nm for ultra-fine misting, and the Yesterday serum is formulated for maximum absorption even through oil and makeup barriers.


The DX Micro Mist™ penetration features an advanced automation chip and high-speed oscillation to process the serum into 0.3-0.5 nm molecular sizes for quicker absorption deep into the skin. The DX Micro Mist™ solution can be used on cuticles, skin, lips, and hair. Device comes with battery-saving time memory function that auto-end the misting after 50 seconds.


Ideal For: All Skin Types

Key Ingredients:


Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Oil Oil

Position DX Micro Mist™ approximately 5 to 7 inches and mist as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Melanie Meza
Quality Product

Hands down to Dermaesthetics for such an amazing product which keeps us satisfied regarding our skin problems.

Rashida Dudley
Fresh Smell

The smell of the mist is very soothing and. It does not give headaches at all and this is what I wanted.

Bonnie Vinton
Must for makeup freaks

The mist works as a very nice makeup fixer and gives a glowy look to your face. It is good for no makeup look.

Lisa Montalvo
Very convenient

It is handy and easy to carry due to its size and make of the machine and bottle Loved the packaging!!.

Sandra Barnes
Vitamin Rich Mist

The mist has Vitamin B & C which makes it rich in antioxidants and moisture also.

Linda Small

Completely loved the micro mist. Feels so refreshing after using it everyday.

Ashley Oakes
Best Product for Skin

Out of all my skin products this one has proven to be the best. I am just loving it.

Angela Wright
Anti-Acne Mist

I have acne-prone skin and am using it daily since last week. Found the lightening of blemishes. You can rely on it for clear skin.

Pamela J. Viera
Nice consistency

The consistency of mist is very flowy and light. It is not at all sticky and good for oily skin.

Natasha D. Ainsworth
Refreshing Fragrance

Just love the refreshing fragrance it has. Must buy this summer!!!