Moisture Repair

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The DX Micro Mist™ and Moisture Repair set provides hydration and deep moisture great for all skin types. This light and airy formula is non-irritating and an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients to soften and soothed dry and damaged skin. Rich in Olive Oil, the Moisture Repair formula contains strong vitamins and antioxidants to neutralize free radical deposits. Gentle enough for sensitive skin types. Misting device works at .3nm-.5nm for ultra-fine misting, and the Yesterday serum is formulated for maximum absorption even through oil and makeup barriers.


The DX Micro Mist™ penetration features an advanced automation chip and high-speed oscillation to process the serum into 0.3-0.5 nm molecular sizes for quicker absorption deep into the skin. The DX Micro Mist™ solution can be used on cuticles, skin, lips, and hair. Device comes with battery-saving time memory function that auto-end the misting after 50 seconds.


Ideal For: All Skin Types


Key Benefits: Hydrating, Protecting, Soothing, Preventing


Size: 1oz

Key Ingredients:


Olive Oil, Urea

Position DX Micro Mist™ approximately 5 to 7 inches and mist as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Rose Mason
Great Feeling on skin

I have dry skin, so finding a great moisturizer is very important to me. I was surprised that, Moisture Repair Micro Mist could feel this great on my skin!

Larry Whitney
Fair skin tone formulae

Moisture Repair Micro Mist is skin moisturizing, soften and damaged skin repairing formulae. I use it daily, with the use of this mist I got fair skin tone.

Andrew Sellers
Excellent source of nutrients

Moisture Repair Micro Mist light and the airy formula for my skin. It is non-irritating and an excellent source of nutrients to soften skin, aid in hydration and protection of the dry and damaged skin.

Agnes Fluharty
Fair and Young skin

I have been using the Moisture Repair Micro Mist for repairing damaged skin and prevention of aging for a couple of months. it has kept my skin fair and younger.

Mary Blue
Clear and healthy skin

I tried so many mists but Moisture Repair Micro Mist was absolutely shocked my skin is actually clear for once! Thank you thank you!

Holly Adams
Got Norished skin

Moisture Repair Micro Mist has nourished the epidermal and dermal layers of my skin. I love this product. I am using only it and recommend to all.

Tamara Roberts
Healthy and Soften Skin

I have healthy and Soften skin with Moisture Repair Micro Mist. It protects my dry and damaged skin, soothe cracked skin. Thank you! Moisture Repair.

Kasi Simmons
Very effective for skin

I’ve been using Moisture Repair Micro Mist for a few months, and recently stopped using the control cream. This is very restful I have ever used and has not irritated my sensitive skin.

Matthew Russell
Dry and damaged skin protection

I am using Moisture Repair Micro Mist which made my skin feel good. It protects dry and damaged skin. My skin started to brighten in no time.

Emma Butler
Best Mist for sensitive skin

Moisture Repair is honestly the best mist. I using this product. It is specifically for the sensitive and easily irritated skin to provide hydration and deep moisture for the top layer of the skin.