Lip Glaze


The Dermaesthetics exclusive Lip Glaze is specifically formulated to help treat dry, dehydrated, and damaged lips. Aimed to restore and nourish with rich Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5, the Lip Glaze provides coverage and lipstick protection throughout the day while providing a subtle and natural sheer to the lips.

Key Functions: Hydrate, Lipstick Protectant, Lip Softener, For Dehydrated & Flaky Lips

*No Artificial Ingredients, All-Natural

Size: 0.17oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice product, bad packaging

Feels good, slightly tacky. My dry lips feel nourished right after application. I have had this standing with the lid up on my counter and the bottom still ends up all sticky and leaking. Somehow the product works its way up the wand. Unfortunately, I haven't used it that often since I can't carry it with me. I can't test the long-term results and my lips are still dry.

Kira Le
Dry lips no more

Hi, Thank you. The Lip Glaze works really well on my lips especially when I use at night time. In the morning, my lips are smooth and soft again.

Good for dy lips

My lips are always so dry, so I use this every morning - it never fails, I like it a lot.

Glossy - good quality

Other products I tried were just too sticky or actually made my lips burn and crack. This one feels very moisturizing and stays on for a long time.