BPO 5% Gel

How it works:

An extremely effective spot treatment used on acne problem areas,  this powerful benzoyl peroxide gel sold in 2 strengths is an organic compound that is well known for its acne-fighting properties.  Benzoyl Peroxide strips away the build up of dead skin cells and sebum that has collected in the pores congesting the skin and causing acne.  When applied to affected skin areas, benzoyl peroxide releases oxygen that is able to reach deep inside the clogged pore to break down the skin and sebum plug.  As both an antibacterial and antiseptic agent that quickly and easily kills acne-causing bacteria, this treatment will leave skin clearer and fresher.

Directions for use:

Use for spot treatment

Key ingredients:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide

  • Sodium Hydroxide


1 oz.