Advanced Collagen Formula



For centuries, chicory root has been a staple in Korean medicine and diet. Embracing the natural benefits, Dermaesthetics has extracted and infused the organic benefits into the Advanced Collagen Formula. Advanced Collagen Formula is intended to help rebuild and fortify areas of the skin where structural firmness has been lost. PowerBlended with Soluble Collagen aims to lift and firm as Chicory Root initiates skin repair and collagen production. Emollient Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E provide essential moisture and protection from damaging free radicals.

Key Functions: Correcting, Firming, Moisturizing

Size: 1oz

Customer Reviews

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This product is seriously super moisturizing and love how it contains collagen


I love how this product contains chicory root! Recently discovered how benefical Chicory Root does! Amazing.


My skin is saggy around the cheek area and I hate it. I was going to use botox before discovering about Dermaesthetics. I told myself this will be the last product I use and if it doesn't work I'll be dissappointed. However, in just 3 days, I can feel a difference in myself and continue to use it for another 2 week. After the 2 week, my skin started to be more firm and I can see the saggyness started going away. Great product!


My job requires me to wear heavy make up on a daily basis and I hate when I have to wash it off.. it takes forever! A co-worker of mine said she being using DBH's product especially the advanced collagen formula before all the make up and it really helps remove the make up. I tried her product for one day and felt a difference on my skin and th make up wash away like butter. I always have a jar at work and at home now. Thank you DBH.


I have really dry skin to the point where you see white spots on my face. I tried all type of moisturizer but it just end up drying out my skin as well. I finally gave up and stopped trying until a friend of mine recommended this product. Again, I was not interested because of all my past experience. My friend finally gave in and bought me the product for my birthday and I gave it shot. I finally found a product that keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated. I'm more confident about my skin thanks to Dermaesthetics.