Power Duo Anti-Aging Mini

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Healthy skin cells are the foundation to firm and buoyant skin. This duo helps plump and lift and supports the strength of collagen and elastin. Retinol helps to increase the turnover of skin cells, to reveal younger, healthier skin. 

This is our best-seller serum for all skin types that effectively nurture the skin to feel younger and healthier. This lightweight serum draws moisture into the skin while helping to protect the skin's DNA from skin damage.

  • DNA Matrix Serum
  • Retinol Resurfacing Booster
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Christina Hoang
    Changed my skin

    First when I used it my skin felt oily but soon got better and now have a clear glow to my skin. I like what it does and it makes my skin feel. Very nice and enjoying

    Edith Amerri
    I will buy again

    Product set is nice. Good packaging and little amount spreads alot on my skin. I like the way it feels and smells. I notice good results and skin is much softer.

    Lisa Park
    Good for 30's

    As a mom of 2 in my 30's, it fits me well. The anti aging is a bit oily if I were in my 20s but going through parenthood, I'd say that I love this product and so does my skin. Its soft and absorbs well. I feel hydrated throughout the day and my makeup doesn't cake up as much as it did before.

    Farrah Lim

    Good product, I use for 6 months and make me much better.

    Candace Willows
    Worth it?

    The product is good. Texture is a little different and the way it absorbs into the skin i smooth and nice. My isn't isn't as dry throughout the day and my complexion is getting better. I do like the product as it fits my needs.

    Helen Yang
    Good products

    I've had good skin all my life but I am in my 50s now and the wrinkles are more present. This mini set I got from a friend and finally opened it. I like how it feels and smells. I also see that my crow's feet has gotten smaller.

    Tiffany Hall

    I don't have many wrinkles but my texture of my skin is so much better with this product. I feel like it has helped me because my skin was so tight after washing and cleansing.

    Natalie F
    DBH Believer

    Good product and good company. great customer service and education.

    Ruth Bonning
    perfect for me

    I was hesitant to try this product and wasn't sure if I'd like it but after my estheticians recommended this for 6 months, I decided to get it. I like how it feels and I feel like my little lines above my lips have gotten better. Overall my skin does look brighter and glowier, if thats a word. This line is good and deserves a review. Thank you!

    Clyde Wibbles

    I like how the product rolls and applies on my skin. I'm not much of a skin person but my wife gave this to me and I can notice my skin isn't as tense and people do compliment me on my skin now. I like that I'm able to take care of myself and the product does well. Easy and light.