Retinyl Cream

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Using time-released technology, Retinyl Cream delivers essential Retinyl Palmitate to the skin to promote collagen production and soothe the skin. Panthenol maintains deep moisture within the skin revealing a healthy glow and Aloe Vera calms and soothes.


Ideal For: Normal/Combo, Oily, Dry


Key Benefits: Preventing, Protecting, Hydrating


Size: 1oz

Key Ingredients:


Retinyl Palmitate, Panthenol, Cotton Seed Oil, Shea Butter

After cleansing face, toning and applying serums, apply a dime-size amount and pat thoroughly onto face and neck. Follow with EGF UV Shield SPF product in the daytime. Can be used morning and night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Libby Nixon

I have tried many wrinkle creams but did not work or start irritation on my skin. This Retinyl cream seems to really work and does not have any skin irritations. I love it!! I am more than satisfied with this product.

Harriet Higgins
Love all Products!!

I'm very impressed with this cream. I was amazed just how well it works. It also gives your skin a nice healthy glow. It's also very affordable. Love all Retinyl products.

Amber Mellor
My favorite!

I am 30 year's old and have used this cream twice a day for a month, and it has erased my lines. Really does work. Not greasy and makes the skin feel refreshed. Wrinkles definitely have been reduced!

Molly Miah

This product is lusciously smooth and easily absorbed. My husband and I normally use the Retinyl Cream. Great for the price. Keep on the great work!

Molly Watson
Excellent product!

I have noticed a huge change in my skin after using Retinyl Cream. Smoother & glowing skin. I am using this at night only. Can't wait to try more Retinyl products and I wish your company great continued success!

Hannah Nash
Such a nice cream!

I am only 21 years old and my eyes get a short wrinkly just from smiling or from the sun so I purchase this Retinyl Cream. It's really Nice Cream. I am loving it! Absorbs onto my face so nicely and makes my skin so soft! I love the affordable price.

Daniel Leach
Excellent experience

This is a great product!! It does not have any strong smell & also the price is very reasonable. This absorbs quickly & make skin soft and smooth without the grease.

Ewan Bolton
Simply fabulous!

This cream moistens well without being thick or sticky. Easy to use, creamy texture and nice-looking skin. It works perfectly for me!!

Zak Marsh
Such a nice cream!

It goes on smoothly and absorbs right into my skin. I use this on my face, neck, and chest. Love this product!

Katherine Smart
Great smell! Great product!

I really love this Retinyl cream, Nice, lightweight, daily moisturizer. Non-greasy and make my skin smoother.