Artic Plus Cream

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Artic Plus Cream is a nourishing cream for damaged, burned, and severely dry skin. A PowerBlend™ complex of Chicory Root, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E work together to provide immediate calming and relief. Promotes cell regeneration and repair of damaged skin cells and restores low moisture levels.


Ideal For: All Skin Types


Size 1oz

Key Ingredients:


Chicory Root Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Squalene, Tocopherol, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Retinyl Palmitate, Lecithin. 

After cleansing the face, toning and applying serums, apply a dime-size amount and pat thoroughly onto trouble areas.


Follow with EGF UV Shield SPF product in the daytime. Can be used morning and night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Owen Byron
Superb Cream For Oily & Dry Skin

Artic Plus Cream is very beneficial for my oily & dry skin. I love it!!!!!!

Orson Clive
Great Product

Great product. I used Artic Plus cream for only 5 days and I can see the result within a few days, this product makes my skin very clear.

Miles Cornish
Beneficial Cream

My skin Is very dry and damaged. I am using this Artic Plus cream. This cream become is very beneficial for my damaged & dry skin. I love it!

Edric Dudley
Quick Results of Artic Plus cream

Really enjoy while using Artic Plus cream. See Quick Results after one use.

Edan Dayton
Most Effective Cream

Artic Plus cream is the best, most effective cream I have been using. So I am buying this product again and again. I absolutely love this product!

Delmar Rodney
For Oily, Burnt & Dry Skin

I love this Product. It is very beneficial for oily, burnt and dry skin. Because I am using this product. After uses, It makes skin super smooth and soft in a few days.

Ferris Ramsay
Super Smooth Cream

I am Very happy to use Article Plus Cream. It makes my skin super smooth and cleans in a few days. This product I used on a daily basis.

Curt Payton
Best Cream for Damaged, Burnt & Intensely Dry

My Skin is very damaged, burnt and intensely dry. After using this product my skin becomes clear within 10-15 minutes. I really like this product very much.

Cyril Milton
Artic Plus Cream

I have already purchased the Artic Plus Cream. It is very effective for damaged, burnt, and intensely dry and damaged skin. I was worried about my skin, but after using this product my skin became soft and clear and I feel very happy nowadays.

Jason Coleman
Easily Affordable Product

Artic Plus Cream is Immediately calming and nursing vulnerable skin back to health. This healing cream promotes cell regeneration and the repair of damaged skin cells.