Skin Balance Cream



Formulated for acne prone, troubled skin and oily skin types, the Skin Balance aims to even out skin texture and balance sebum activity with the use of triclosan. Panthenol and Aloe Vera provide light hydration to the skin and enhance barrier function, to normalize the skin by delivering moisture to normalize the skin. Vitamin C provides natural anti oxidants and a bright, even complexion.

Key Functions:

  • Balancing
  • Hydrating
  • Protecting

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I am oily, combi and acne-prone skin. I used to have really nice skin but due to a skin allergic reaction, my skin became kind of gross with all sort of pimples (big, small, inflamed. etc). I read about DBH on IG by chance and decide to give this product a try. I was a bit skeptical at first because my skin normally doesn't give off good result from Korean skincare products. Initially, I tried the glycolic face wash and salix toner. Then eventually this cream and the sulfur mask. I like how DBH products make your skin stronger gradually, and you can definitely result after around 3-4 weeks of usage. I was a bit impatient at first since most of the products I used before showed effect after just 4 to 5 usage, but I guess that's not really healthy for the skin? Since it does take some time for the skin to regenerate?? Idk... But anyway, my skin is in great shape now. I feel like my skin tone is more even, less hyperpigmented, reduce acne, blah blah blah. The list of good things go on :D

Best Skin Care Product

I am daily use this product. My skin at one time is so oily, but after using skin balance cream my skin becomes Glorious within 15-20 minutes. I really like skin is balanced cream very much.

Skin Balance Cream

I'm so happy I found Skin Balance Cream, without a doubt I will purchase this product again.

oily and acne skin samples

For oily and acne skin samples. The Skin Balance Cream is a thick penetrating and clarifying custom cream.

Skin Balance Cream Perfect for Oily Skin

My friend recommends Skin Balance Cream for my oily skin and it truly shows results rather quickly. Thank you fully satisfied with your product, 5 stars from our side and will order a jar today!!!!