Purifying Glycolic Gel Cleansing

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The Purifying Glycolic Gel Cleanser contains 3% Glycolic Acid to gently removes and exfoliates dirt, debris, toxins, and dead skin cells. This formula re-balances pH levels and without over-drying. The Aloe Vera soothes dry skin, while Panthenol repairs and minimizes future blemishes, and Allantoin nourishes and calms.


Ideal For: Normal/Combo, Oily, Acneic Skin


Key Benefits: Exfoliating, Balancing, Hydrating, Cleansing


Size: 6oz

Key Ingredients:


Glycolic Acid 3%, Aloe Vera Gel, Allantoin, Panthenol

Apply a dime size of Dermaesthetics Purifying Glycolic Foam Cleanser to damp fingertips. Emulsify product onto damp skin in circular movements for approximately 1-2 minutes. (For cellular buildup, congestion and acne, leave on skin for an additional 3 minutes.) 


Rinse face well with warm water until all cleanser is removed. Repeat.

Pat skin dry with towel.


Saturate 2 cotton rounds with the appropriate Dermaesthetics Toner. Wipe the face clear of all product residue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Vanessa A
2nd bottle

This is my second bottle, got my first from a korean spa on a visit to california. This does an excellent job of sloughing off dead skin and helping acne. It is not a subtle cleanser. For extra effect i wet my face a bit, lather between hands, apply and leave it sitting while i wash the rest of my body. Gives the cleanser a chance to loosen more Debris. It is also good at keeping my back and chest clear from anything that might be surfacing. Can be drying so use a hydrating moisturizer on top. I use an oil free one. Has no smell which is good. Would be beneficial for people new to acids to put the glycolic acid percentage. Also AFTER purchasing the company sent a coupon for 15%. I needed that BEFORE purchasing!

Frida Van
great for acne

I like anything with glycolic and this cleanser really does the job with my acne skin. It's crazy how light and gentle this cleanser is and it exfoliates really nicely!

Dry skin

Honestly My boyfriend and I have been using this product for about a week and a half hoping this product would work for us, the first few days were great skin was soft and gave a glassy look, but now our skin is visibly dry, burning, and mine also itches. I’m disappointed really because the price of the product I had high expectations

June Nguyen

I am oily, combi and acne-prone skin. I used to have really nice skin but due to a skin allergic reaction, my skin became kind of gross with all sort of pimples (big, small, inflamed. etc). I read about DBH on IG by chance and decide to give this product a try. I was a bit skeptical at first because my skin normally doesn't give off good result from Korean skincare products. Initially, I tried this glycolic face wash and salix toner. At first, I think my bumps increased. I had some pimples pop up... maybe it was from purging? Anyhow, after around 2-3 weeks, my skin improved a lot!! And now I have little to no pimple. I'm very happy with this product since it makes my skin feels really clean afterward. However, it does dry out my skin a bit if I use it during the day.

Judith Jones
Goodness of Aloe Vera

I am a huge fan of aloe vera and am impressed that they have used it in this gel. Aloe vera gives it a natural smell.

Katie Stivers
Perfect for Summers!

This Clensing Gel is perfect for the summers as it will hydrate your skin even after exfoliating the skin.

Mae Ide
Worth the money

I have spent money on nice product as I often get complimented for my glow and smooth skin.

Lenna Moss
Gentle for Aged Skin

It can be used on the Aged skin for exfoliating and hydrating.

Darla Arispe
Addicted to it

I have used three bottles and am going to order the next bottle. I am satisfied with the result it is giving.

Kathleen Pettus
Amazing Product

My skin is getting clear as the dark pigmentation has lightened and is decreasing day by day. I am using it regularly now.