Power Duo Dry Skin Mini

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Combat dry, flakey skin with a power combo of intensive moisture and hydration. This duo nourishes and heals redness and inflammation due to harsh and cold weather and keeps your skin soft and healthy. Great for all skin types. 

The Dermaesthetics Moisture B5 Serum is a concentrated, moisturizing serum formulated with Vitamin B-5 Complex to supply dry, tight, sensitive skin with hydration properties while improving upon skin strength. A high concentration of Co-Q10, known to combat premature aging caused by free radicals, is used to help provide a healthy sensation of skin fitness.

This rich and nourishing anti-oxidant cream utilizes 10% Vitamin E to moisturize skin that is in desperate need of hydration and comfort. Vitamin E reduces inflammation while healing and soothing tight, dry skin. By leaving a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, Super Moisture Cream prevents moisture loss throughout the day and leaves even the driest skin feeling comfortable and supple. Vitamin A encourages healthy cell turnover and Apple Extracts conditions the skin for a hydrated radiance.

  • Moisture B5 Serum
  • Super Moisture Cream
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    skin food

    My skin loves this stuff!! soaks it right up. I highly recommend if you have dry or cracked skin.


    My skin is flaky because of chronic dry skin. I filled out a skin consultation online and spoke to a rep. She recommended me this product and I’m starting to see changes in less than a week!


    This serum is so good to my skin. Super light and hydrating. Also love how only a few drops goes a long way.


    I have super sensitive skin and was looking for a serum where there weren't a whole lot of harsh ingredients. Came across this super moisture serum and super moisture cream set and it's one of a few skincare products that doesn't irritate my skin. Love this. Highly recommend


    Happy they made minis of this. I gave them out to friends and family as gifts. Love the super moisture cream, its perfect for really dry skin.