Life Duo Mature



Formulated for mature skin, the Life Duö system is a specially blended formula that was created from the essence of Trehalose which allows natural growth and a sensation of replenished skin to its most vital state.  Research and personal case studies prove the effectiveness of the agents. (Patent Pending) The Life Duö aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles,  reduce pores, moisturize, revive cellular activity, and aid in the creation of new skin.

Key Functions: Regenerating, Protecting, Hydrating, Soothing

Size: 33oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kathleen Acker
Effective product

This product is so effective for helping to prevent and reduce fine lines. It’s a special and worthwhile investment.

Rosie Osborn
Amazing Product

This product nourishes... removes visible fine lines and evens out skin tone

Ronda Townsend
It works Good

I have freckles on my cheeks which are light brown in color but this product made them lighter in appearance within one week of use.

Larry Quesada
Good for dark spots

I had dark pigmentation on my forehead area this product has reduced the intensity of the pigmentation I have completely finished and ordered a new one.

John Lowe
Good product

Effective, light and non-greasy.... good for oily skin☺

Donald Higgins
A best Product that you should buy..

this my first skin product and I've been using this for 3 weeks and now I'm getting the best result.

Sharon Martinez
I love this product.

The first time I used a product for skin was worked wonders. I have fallen in love with this product and it does brighten skin.

Douglas Rodriguez
just close your eyes and order it

I have just finished the first bottle I bought and I can see that my skin has become fairer and even.

Joyce Doyle
A must have product

Great product. Effective results. Very much recommended. Thank you

Cordie Nevers
THE best fairness product till date

It reduces the pimple marks very well + gives you fairness