The Hydra-Lift Micro Mist is a universal mist made for makeup lovers and skincare experts alike. The Bambus Vulgaris extract is utilized for its rich source of natural Silica, containing over 70% organic Silica. Silica is lost in the skin as we age. Silica stimulates chondroblasts providing strength and resilience to collagen and elastin. Pism Satium extract, a natural plant extract with an abundant source of antioxidants that is utilized for its source to protect against free radicals which are known to damage and break down skin cells and cause premature aging while Glucosamine HCI is delivered into the skin for its effective for wound healing properties. Lift, firm, and repair with the Hydra-lift Micro Mist.

Key Functions: Lifting, Firming, Repairing, Anti-aging

Size: 4oz 

Customer Reviews

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Got unbelievable results

I read so many reviews that praised about Hydra-Lift Micro Mist so I bought one to try. I had high hopes for this product. I have used it for about a week now and got unbelievable results. One more good thing is, it doesn't irritate my skin.

Effective for skin

I heard lots of good things about Hydra-Lift Micro Mist. I am using this product. However, I found an anti-aging cream does not absorb properly into my skin and it's very effective for my skin. I got great results after using this product.

Good quality product

Hydra-Lift Micro Mist is a great quality product and works with my aging skin. I am using it and don't think I'll stop the use of this product. I would buy it, again and again, because of this product is suitable for my skin.

Reduce fine lines

Hydra-Lift Micro Mist is a fantastic product. Leaves my skin hydrated and younger looking. So easy to use and makes my skin feel very comfortable, my fine lines have been reduced.

Glowing and healthy skin

I am impressed with Hydra-Lift Micro Mist. I applied it regularly and my skin becomes looking glowing and healthy day by day. I am very happy with this product.