What Are Free Radicals And How Do They Damage Your Skin?

What Are Free Radicals And How Do They Damage Your Skin?

If you’ve spent some time researching your skincare and beauty products, you’ve probably heard of the term “free radicals”. Many products advertise that they can help protect your skin from them, but what exactly are they and what do they do to your skin? 



What are Free Radicals?

Time for a quick science lesson. Every living matter is made of molecules. Every molecule is made of atoms. Each atom needs to be paired with an electron. Free radicals form when these atoms are exposed to things such as UV rays, pollution, smoke, cigarette smoke, and they lose an electron pair.

Ok...Why is This Important in the Skincare World? 

Since free radicals are missing an electron, they go on a search-and-destroy mission to make themselves whole again. They do this by stealing electrons from other molecules. And the most common victim is unprotected human skin. 

This theft causes skin cells to become unstable and eventually weaken, ultimately resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture, among other things.


How Do I Protect My Skin From Them?  

The best way to protect your skin from free radicals is to incorporate more antioxidants into your diet and skincare routine. Antioxidants are stable molecules that have an extra electron to offer so that the free radicals don’t steal one from your skin! 

Consuming nutrient-rich foods several times a week that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E can help increase your skin’s protective shield against free radicals. Leafy greens, dairy products, fruits, and fatty fish are some great examples to incorporate into your diet. 


In terms of skincare, a powerful serum is your best bet as they’re designed to penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. The DNA Matrix Serum contains a blend of active antioxidants that initiates the cellular reproduction process. The Ergothioneine and Sodium Chondroitin in the formula fight free radicals while the Phytic Acid and Arabidopsis Thaliana Extract help restore and accelerate the cellular repair process. 


Incorporating other skincare products that contain antioxidant ingredients is also a great way to increase your body’s resistance to free radicals. The Milk Cream is a light, non-oily hydrating moisturizer that contains tocopherol - an antioxidant that improves the skin’s elasticity. 

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