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DBH Professional Treatments

Taking it Up a Notch!

by Kristine Seganti

Many of you are already familiar with standard DBH professional treatments and protocols. The results are amazing and the return clientele even better!


Today, we are going to share some simple steps that will help you increase treatment results with existing products and change the way your clients feel and look, bringing out confidence and bunches of smiles! We live for this stuff!


   Taking it Up a Notch!   The PowerLayer

Clients have heard me say this many, many times…









PowerLayering with any Level 1 + another Level 1 treatment will provide your client with a low Level 2 penetration and results. Now, if you have used the Level 1 Green Apple Fruit Peel, Pumpkin Peel, Beta10, Active Enzyme and/or Vitamin C Oxygen, you know that the strength, ingredients and results are different with each of them. Keeping that in mind, based on which Level 1 treatments you decide to PowerLayer with, you will change the depth of penetration and the results for your client. Additionally, which treatment you decide to layer last will be the lasting affect your client will see.

Here are a few 1+1=2 examples to play with! (how to, below)

  1. 1+1=2 --> Pumpkin Peel + Green Apple Fruit Peel
  2. 1+1=2 --> Beta10 + Pumpkin Peel
  3. 1+1=2 --> Vitamin C Oxygen + Active Enzyme Base/Lacto
  4. 1+1=2 --> Pumpkin Peel + Vitamin C Oxygen
  5. 1+1=2 -->  Active Enzyme Base/Lacto + Beta10
  6. 1+1=2 --> Active Enzyme Base/Lacto + Pumpkin
  7. 1+1=2 -->  Combinations are endless!



Start by following the standard protocol you received with your DBH Level 1 treatment. At the point the protocol has you apply the peel is where we will mix it up a bit!


In example #1 above, (Pumpkin Peel + Green Apple Fruit Peel), you will first apply the Pumpkin Peel Treatment. Leave on for 3-10 minutes based upon client communication and skin analysis. Remember, you still have part two of the treatment! Thoroughly and gently remove the Pumpkin Peel with cool water and cotton squares or sponges. Be gentle. You can now apply part two, the Green Apple Fruit Peel. Again, leave-on time will vary 3-10 minutes based upon the strength and tolerability of the clients’ skin. Thoroughly remove with cool water and cotton squares or sponges. Proceed with the remaining steps in the DBH protocol.


The end result, the client not only received a Level 2 deep exfoliation and resurfacing, but the deep penetrating benefits of the Pumpkin Peel. Releasing toxins, congestion, and providing a smoother texture and hydration to the skin! Visually, due to the Green Apple Fruit Peel being applied last, the client will see Brightness, reduced redness and inflammation, and taut glowing skin! YES!!



PowerLayering with any Level 1 + Level 2 treatment will provide your client with a low Level 3 penetration and results. Remember, the strength, ingredients and results are different with each Level 1 and Level 2. Base your PowerLayer treatment selections to suit the results you are aiming to achieve for your client. Same as the 1+1=, which treatment you decide to layer last will be the lasting affect your client will see.


Here are a few 2+1=3 examples

  1. 2+1=3 --> Pumpkin Peel + Ageless
  2. 2+1=3 --> Beta10 + Cherry Alpha
  3. 2+1=3 --> Active Enzyme Base/Lacto + Purification Peel
  4. 2+1=3 --> Green Apple Fruit Peel + SLG
  5. 2+1=3 --> Lactic 20 + Cherry Alpha
  6. 2+1=3 --> endless, based on your clients needs and your expert analysis!


The amount of time that you will leave the treatment on your clients’ skin will vary with “each” client based on sensitivity, warming, redness, etc. and based on the health and strength of their skin, you can determine and adjust the timing for each treatment as needed.


The combinations and enjoyment are endless and up to you, based on your skin analysis before and during the treatment.


Remember, always monitor your clients skin reaction and keep up the communication on sensitivity. Each client will be different, EACH time for EACH treatment.


PowerLayering, safely, will keep you and your client active in the treatments and results. A power punch of exfoliation and penetration of nutrients. Results, Results, Results!!!


CAUTIONS: Always start with a Level 1 treatment and progress to a PowerLayer of Level 1 + Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 2 + Level 1. It is a well planned esthetician to ensure proper skin repair between deep exfoliations and peels with Hydration Treatments.


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Remind your clients, regular visits to you as a Professional DBH Certified Aesthetician for full care will boost overall results and further the outcome to a Healthy Skin – Healthy You! Contact us for assistance on any Self Care prescriptions for your clients. We are always available to you!


xo, K !