Is Professional Skincare Worth It?

Is Professional Skincare Worth It?

With the boom of skincare in the past few years, many big beauty brands have taken a stab into creating their own skincare line. Products that aim to target issues such as hyperpigmentation, cystic acne, and wrinkles are now available at any grocery store for an extremely affordable price. With all these options available, are professional grade skincare products still with it? After all, professional skincare is less accessible and usually more expensive. 

The answer is still a definite YES! Using professional skincare has many benefits that can’t be replicated in over-the-counter products. 

They’re made in small batches 

When a product is made in big batches, it’s difficult to control the quality control process of the said product. Professional skincare lines, on the other hand, are made in small batches and distributed only to authorized resellers. By doing this, professional skincare companies can maintain the integrity and freshness of their products. 

They contain higher lives of active ingredients 

Since over-the-counter skincare products are designed to appeal to customers who self diagnose skin issues, the products contain lower concentrations of active ingredients, such as retinol, antioxidants, and peptides, to minimize the chances of a negative reaction. This is due to law as these products are not allowed to alter the biological structure of the skin. Additionally, to keep up with the demand, manufacturers often add fillers and preservatives to these over-the-counter products. 

Professional skincare products, on the other hand, are allowed to have stronger concentrations of these active ingredients since they are prescribed and monitored by medical professionals. They also have the ability to treat and correct a wider range of skin concerns. 

They are pH-adjusted ingredients 

The pH level of a product refers to its ratio of acid to alkaline and is important in skincare. The optimal pH value of skin is between 4.7 and 5.7 which is mildly acidic. However, over-the-counter products rarely take pH values into account and will often leave the skin’s pH in an alkaline state. This results in the skin being susceptible to bacteria, free radicals, and sun damage. 

In contrast, professional skincare products, which contain pH-adjusted ingredients are designed to ensure that the integrity of the skin’s barrier is kept intact. 

It’s more cost effective in the long run 

While over-the-counter skincare products might be cheaper upfront, professional skincare wins out in the long run. You might pay more for a similar product, but since professional skincare products are more potent, made with higher ingredients, and are designed for maximum penetration, it’ll work better and last longer than over-the counter remedies. 

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